November 2014

Two huge socialist lies

Socialism is not the natural way for human beings to organise our society. Division of labour and markets have been improving our lives for many thousands of years now and […]

George Osborne is soaking the rich

To understand this article you have to understand two concepts. The first is the Laffer Curve. If a government increases a tax rate from a low level it will collect […]

This website is being sabotaged

This is not my first blog. Bruce on Games started in August 2007 and has had 1,879,220 user sessions, Bruce on Shaving started in July 2010 and has had 642,548 user sessions. […]

There are some intelligent Jews

We all know that Zionism is an evil political creed which is very similar to Nazism. At its centre is European colonialists travelling to Palestine to steal the land and […]