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This is not my first blog. Bruce on Games started in August 2007 and has had 1,879,220 user sessions, Bruce on Shaving started in July 2010 and has had 642,548 user sessions. Bruce on Politics is a little baby with just 84,497 user sessions thus far. I have written over 1,000 blog articles in total across all my blogs and they have averaged well over 2,000 readers each. So, with all modesty I can say that I am an experienced blogger. All this time Google Analytics has been used to keep an eye on traffic, so visitor behaviour is well understood. People have spent an average of 5 minutes 29 seconds reading the article Can Zionism be compared to Nazism, for instance.

Analytics has a real time capability. It is possible to see how many people are using a website right now and what they are doing. This is very interesting, but nothing to obsess over. Bruce on Politics being a little baby website tends to run in low single figures of visitors at any one time. Tweet a few links and this gets into the low teens. Create a bit of a fuss and the most that has been seen is 47 simultaneous users. Then I started writing about the evils of Zionism and one day the traffic collapsed. Flatlining a lot of the time and only getting into low single figures when a url  had been retweeted multiple times. This website is being very severely throttled.

Then I get Tweets like this from @meadstweet “Chapta text is missing, I can’t access the link – this happens a lot atm”. So the users are experiencing this throttling.

This website is hosted in a very good place, in the USA, with a good server and a huge amount of bandwidth. During the throttling they have reported no technical problems. None of my other websites hosted there are experiencing any problems. So the throttling is happening right on the internet backbone, they are hitting traffic from the whole world. This is not the work of a hacker, no matter how skilled, this is the work of a top level national security organisation. And which country would not like articles critical of Zionism?

Analytics allows the examination of individual countries. Towns and cities even. So lets have a look at Israel. Since Monday there have been just 72 sessions from there, a ridiculously low figure considering the article content I have posted. Then look at where these people are: Tel Aviv, where the Government offices are, 62 visitors, mostly with normal session lengths, then  Jerusalem 3, Haifa 2, the other cities just 1 each, with session lengths mostly of 0 seconds. So the people of Israel are being prevented from reading my blog and the Israeli Government are keeping a very close eye on it. I am flattered.

This is how Zionism works, they act to prevent people like you getting the truth. They censor everything critical of them at every opportunity. They control most of the world’s print and broadcast media so they can manipulate what the mainstream media tell you. Only the internet has the truth and they use their Hasbara propagandists to spread their lies there. Now we know that they use their security agencies to censor a website written by a British person and hosted in America. Think how much more of the internet they are censoring. What they are preventing you from seeing.

They are censoring this website over much of the Middle East. This is Lebanon:

Twitter censorship

It gets worse. The Israelis have close intelligence co-operation with British and USA agencies. So our governments know that this is going on. Also GCHQ and NSA can see it. Yet they do nothing. They should be working to protect free speech and to protect your rights, instead they are co-operating with the toxic, pariah Israeli state to mute what you are allowed to read. A very good insight how the governments that we vote for really work. Certainly not in your interests.

The answer to this is very simple. Please feel free to copy and use anything I have written on here. Stick it in places like Blogger, WordPress and Facebook. They cannot censor the whole internet. You can be Spartacus.


  1. You could be right Bruce. Take care, watch your back, these folks are not playing games. By sending this with my email I am no doubt going to get myself filed in MOSAD’s data base along with you. But as you say, one has to fight for free speech. Bob


  2. Utter nonsense. I am reading your article from Tel Aviv and I am neither a Mossad agent or a government employee


  3. I was reading about Palestine/Israel conflict, and I found various cites all saying different things, and I can concur that if you invade a territory the owners are gonna have issues with it, so I am liking your blog, I will read more about the info that you are providing.
    I did find that in a website calles Israelshield that is full of hatred against apparently everybody thats not a zionist, the author replied to your comment, why didnt you reply to shut him up? Or did he delete your replies?


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