Two huge socialist lies

Keir Hardie
Keir Hardie

Socialism is not the natural way for human beings to organise our society. Division of labour and markets have been improving our lives for many thousands of years now and have proven, countless times, to be the best and most efficient way for humanity to benefit from all the world’s resources. Against this proven, superior, system the socialists have needed to concoct a whole framework of lies to justify their existence. Here are just two of them.

1. That anyone who is not a socialist is some sort of extreme right wing Nazi and is therefore nasty. This is ironic because socialism is extremely nasty in that in their search for “equality” they always punish success and thus damage society and everyone in it. Listen to the Labour policies of today such as Bankers Bonus and Mansion Tax and all you hear is nasty envy. I have written about the consequence of this in the abject failure of every British Labour government. And how much harm their fellow travellers, the trade unions, have done. The real world fact is that the vast majority of people (nearly all) in the world are not socialists. And most people are not nasty.

2. That the left hold the monopoly on compassion and social justice. But look at Bill Gates, he is no socialist, who generated immense wealth through capitalism and who is now giving it all away where he thinks it will best serve. Philanthropy is quite normal behaviour for the rich, Buffet, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford have done immense good. In fact in the USA $335 billion was given to charity in 2013 alone. And in the UK Rowntree, Wellcome and this list of 181 philanthropists have a very fine record. Sir Tom Hunter has given away over a billion pounds. The socialists don’t like this at all, they want to control how any wealth is distributed. Yet these capitalists are far more efficient on how their money is used, they did the hard work to earn it.

The same applies to the state. George Osborne is taxing the rich far harder than Gordon Brown did and the National Health Service works much better under Conservative governments than Labour ones. These are irrefutable facts, yet the socialist propaganda machine spouts the opposite and many of the hard of thinking are brainwashed with the lies.

It is amusing that so many people who work in the arts are socialists, because their income comes primarily from capitalists. Grayson Perry just designed a bag for the Labour party, yet his income comes from selling £100,000 pots to the rich. These artists seem to be suffering from cognitive dissonance. If the capitalists went away they would be living in social housing and flipping burgers for a living. It is capitalism that creates and nurtures our culture.

Social justice is best served by creating a society in which people can generate and build wealth to invest in their families’ life quality. There is absolutely no doubt that socialism does the opposite. Just go the Cuba and see the basic living conditions that these once rich people now endure.

So how are these lies perpetrated in Great Britain today? Mainly by the state school system, the BBC and the Guardian/Mirror/Independent. They are absorbed by the cerebrally challenged and then go on to harm us all.

And to finish, a couple more Labour lies that you will recognise:

Some people on benefits squat on public sector housing rooms that they don’t need and that other people desperately do. The Conservatives, out of fairness, are sorting this out with the spare room subsidy. Labour call this the “bedroom tax” which is an outright lie. It is not a tax.

In an earlier article I explained the excellent policy of bringing in external management to improve NHS care and to ensure that our taxes are better spent. This policy was started by Labour under Alan Milburn. But now Labour call this “privatisation”. An utter lie. Nothing is being sold to the private sector.




  1. Most capitalists accumulate & Gates is only giving a small proportion of his wealth away. Many people are not paid Living Wage & however hard they work for a self-serving capitalist will never make a decent living.


  2. You state :

    “Social justice is best served by creating a society in which people can generate and build wealth to invest in their families’ life quality.”

    This is idealised. If you are not very capable, so cannot command a high salary and then give birth to children that require intensive, ongoing care beyond the remit of the NHS, then wealth creation is out of reach. The reverse is true – you will struggle immensely.

    The ‘work hard and you will get rich’ is very easy to say if that worked for you. Very easy to forget that the correlation between your effort and your success is small in many situations. Get Richard Branson to work as hard as he does now but as a care worker instead, and see how he copes on a minimum wage. How will he feel when cleaning the backsides of his clients? This is the harsh reality for many – not everyone can earn riches.


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