Terrorism. A word that is massively misused and abused

Earlier I wrote an article about how the press and politicians use the word Troll completely out of its true meaning and that real internet Trolls are a good thing. Terrorism is a word that is even more massively misused. To Benjamin Netanyahu it is anyone who disagrees with him, it is just a pejorative insult! Many Western politicians are little better. And it is very important to remember that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, as I pointed out in an earlier article about the Taliban being the good guys.

Firstly let’s look at what the word terrorism really does mean. Wikpedia says: violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g., neutral military personnel or civilians). Oxford Dictionaries says: The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

So firstly let’s look at the biggest act of terrorism of our times, the invasion of Iraq by Bush and Blair. After 9/11 Bush described Iraq as part of an “axis of evil”, which was an utter lie. A lie your press and politicians did not protect you from. Saddam Hussein was in reality one of the most powerful forces in the world at fighting Al-Qaeda yet Bush told the world the opposite. Both leaders then made up a pack of even more lies to justify their actions, Blair’s dodgy dossier and Bush sending Colin Powell to lie to the UN. Then they illegally invaded Iraq with no objectives or understanding of what would happen when Saddam was removed. The result was well over half a million civilian deaths, which have continued till the present day. The definition of terrorism is met perfectly by what Bush and Blair did.

Then let’s look at what probably isn’t terrorism but which the press and politicians insist is. I am obviously talking about the creation of the Islamic State out of the political and military vacuum of Syria and Iraq. They use land theft and ethnic cleansing to create their country. This is exactly what Israel has done in Palestine or what USA did to the Native Americans. Some say that the Islamic State are barbaric. Well they should look at what the governments of our friends and allies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are doing. Equally barbaric, on a far bigger scale. And remember that France was cutting people’s heads off till 1977.

Israel sniper T shirts 512

One huge recent example of terrorism was the incredibly disproportionate attack on the Gaza concentration camp (look up the definition) by Israel. This involved using their Dahiya Doctrine of collective punishment and is a result of their propaganda successfully dehumanizing the Palestinian people in the minds of Israelis. So to Israel it is a good thing to deliberately target and kill 577 and injure 3,374 children (both numbers far more than the Islamic State has), to destroy homes at random with their families still in them and to especially target pregnant women “two kills with one bullet”. All against international law. Yet your press and politicians ignore this very real terrorism.

Another ongoing terrorism campaign is being waged in semi secret by the use of drones by the CIA in a whole swathe of countries including Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia that the USA is not at war with. These are relentlessly killing and injuring children and other non combatants and seem to be conducted to create fear of the all seeing eye and the instant death from the sky arriving 24/7.

Western hypocrisy and double standards knows no bounds. David Cameron seeks to remove the passports and prevent the return of British Muslims who go to help the Islamic State, even in a humanitarian role. Yet British communists who fought in the Spanish Civil war were treated as being heroes and nothing is done about the British citizens who go and fight in the terrorist Israeli army.

Palestine map. Big

Finally let’s look at Hamas, a political party in the Gaza concentration camp who are far more democratically elected than the Israeli government, despite Israel’s continuous efforts to prevent Palestinian democracy. They represent a people who have had most of their land stolen and who have been relentlessly ethnically cleansed (look up the definition) since Black Sunday in 1937. Hamas are definitely freedom fighters and Israel are definitely the terrorist state. To try and suggest otherwise is to totally ignore the facts.


  1. Everiss, are u simply a troll looking for a reaction? Or is most of the civilised world in error and u are OK (Taliban good guys??!!; Bibi and western leaders all in error!!!).
    The internet has given rise to a plethora of undereducated antiestablishmentarians who dont know jackshit. I’m looking at you, Brucie!!!


    1. correct …… Brucie dick is a rabid moron and anti semite


  2. Bloody hell, spot on with the Iraq Dossier. Why Blair is still at large and being given gongs as a humanitarian beats the hell out of me. You got something right, Bruce! Well done.


  3. the anitsemitism on here is not good


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