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The most important recent event in the contest is Liz Kendall borrowing the phrase “continuity Miliband” from this blog (here). I don’t mind because she is the only candidate who is in the real world, who tells it how it is and who isn’t away with the fairies on planet leftard.

Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper have morphed into being the same candidate. Both being very careful not to say anything that would lose them a single vote from any Labour member of any degree of leftism, so they are not saying anything at all. Trying to appeal to both Brownites and Blairites is impossible and they are tying themselves in knots attempting this. They are also in utter denial of the true reasons that Labour lost the election and why the British people are increasingly rejecting them. I explained this in “The 10 reasons why Labour lost the election” (here) and until both they and the party as a whole accept this they will remain in the wilderness.

Andy Burnham is currently trending as the biggest loser. It is difficult to imagine any English person south of Crewe who would vote for a gobby scouser with a shiny face. And his baggage of helping to trash the NHS makes him an easy target in any proper debate. Also he has lost the trade union support that was going to win it for him. So his campaign has gone a long way downhill very quickly.

Jeremy Corbyn is providing the most entertainment. He is a dinosaur of an unreconstructed collectivist and everything he says proves how utterly ignorant he is of society, of economics and of the aspirations of working people. All his “policies” are well proven to be either unworkable or to end in disaster. He is pure cognitive dissonance walking round under a Lenin hat. No wonder he is so popular with Labour activists.

In an earlier article (here) I wrote about the #Toriesforcorbyn campaign. Now tens of thousands of Conservative voters have paid their £3 (£1 for ex servicemen) so that they can sabotage the Labour Party by electing Corbyn. Labour admit that they can’t detect who these people are, so these votes are going to have a significant effect on the outcome. In addition five trade unions are now backing Corbyn, including Unite, the biggest. They really are Turkeys voting for Christmas and this is convincing evidence of how utterly out of touch the Unions are with reality. Also the popular support for Corbyn with rank and file Labour party activists shows how completely disconnected they are from daily life in Britain.

Corbyn is utterly unelectable as British Prime Minister, he is like Michael Foot, only far worse. The party under him would become a rabble. Remember that he is the man who has rebelled against the party 533 times since Tony Blair brought them to power in 1997. This is why, for the good of Great Britain, he must win and then inevitably lead Labour into the wilderness. The possibilities of this happening are increasing by the day.

The Brownite left made the big mistake of fielding two look alike candidates, Burnham and Cooper, splitting their vote. During the hustings they are both coming across as spectacularly inept and useless. As if the lights are on but nobody is at home. They offer nothing to Labour activists and even less to the British people. But still Burnham must be just about clinging on to his position as favourite.

Which leaves Liz Kendall as the only one sounding anything like a sentient human being. Offering the Labour Party a real and credible future based on the foundations of learning from their past mistakes. And this really isn’t what they want.

We already know that the Conservatives will win in 2020. Their popularity is increasing rapidly amongst “ordinary working people” as the benefits of Cameron’s sheer administrative competence become ever more palpable. Having Robert Halfon in the cabinet is a masterstroke and the Conservatives now look far more “working class” than Labour do.

With Burnham, Cooper and especially Corbyn for the next five years Labour will be so damaged that they will also lose in 2025. Meaning that they will need a lot of rebuilding to be even credible in 2030. So at least 20 years out of power. All due to taking a sharp turn to the left when they didn’t vote for the amazingly incompetent Gordon Brown to be their leader. Which is brilliant news for Great Britain.


  1. If these 4 really are the best that Labour has to offer then they are well and truly f***ed.


  2. Do you remember who was the only party leader who went into the 2015 General Election with positive approval ratings?


  3. I understand what you are saying but you are forgetting that not that bigger majority voted Tory last time and let’s face it they are destroying the poor all red Jeremy has to do is get them to vote for him theres many more poor than rich remember and in 5 years who knows what could happen and your vote Jeremy campaign for tories may be the biggest mistake of all


    1. 5 years is a long time in politics brucey baby!


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