Taking offence

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Anyone who “takes offence”at anything should be taken outside and shot in front of their family.

Note that offence is always taken, it is never given. The perception of offence is with the receiver.

When a person says that they “take offence” what they are really saying is that there is a difference between their values and the values of the person offending them. Not only that, they are saying that their view is the correct view and that the other person’s view is incorrect. Even more they are saying that the other person’s view is somehow amoral and that they should desist from it.

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So really when a person “takes offence” they are trying to censor someone else’s view. They are trying to remove that person’s free speech. They are trying to take away another person’s fundamental human rights. This is pure evil.

“Taking offence” is part of the modern socialist disease of political correctness. The same political correctness that led to the mass rape of thousands of British children in our cities by Pakistani men. We need to go back to a better time when you could call a spade a spade and a queer a queer. The harm caused to society by preventing free speech is too great to allow “taking offence” to have any credibility whatsoever.

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