David Cameron does not understand Islam

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David Cameron seems to think that Islam is just another religion, like Buddhism or Hinduism. But it is not. It is an entire way of life that takes priority over all else, including morality, decency and the laws and culture of this land. Not only that, most Muslims seek to impose their way of life on everyone else and they have no tolerance for those with different views, opinions or culture. Our secular, liberal, pluralistic way of life is an anathema to them. Yes, Cameron gets to meet the nice Sajid Javid at cabinet and I know similar moderate Moslems. But they are a small minority. And, when push comes to shove, nearly all Muslims would choose their religion over their country.

A tenth of Londoners  view Islamic State (ISIS) favourably, according to a Populus survey. With about a million Muslims in London they make up around 12 percent of the population. Which makes something like 10 out of 12 Muslims in favour of Salafist barbarity.

David Cameron confuses Britons choosing to go to Syria to join Islamic State with domestic terrorism. There is no proven connection. If British Muslims want to go and fight for a cause they believe in then they should be allowed to go. Cameron is wrong. Meanwhile he says that terrorism is nothing to do with Islam, whilst the police continue to break up Muslim terrorist plots on a regular basis. This is cognitive dissonance. Cameron is in denial of the facts.

Recently the editorial staff of French Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were slaughtered for publishing Islamic cartoons. Unsurprisingly more than a quarter of British Muslims were in favour of this.

Officially the UK population is 64.1 million and between 5% and 10% of these are Muslims. But the economists and statisticians at the big supermarkets have calculated that the real population figure is between 77 and 80 million, based on what their sales are. So there are a huge number of illegal immigrants in the country. And most of them are Muslims.

And the percentage of Muslims in the population is rising very rapidly and will continue to do so because we still have mass immigration from Muslim countries (thank you Tony Blair) and the Islamic birth rate is far higher than the native birth rate. They are outbreeding us by a very large margin. Between 2001 and 2009 the Muslim population increased almost 10 times faster than the non-Muslim population. Eventually they will be the majority, they will take over and impose their values on us. This is just straightforward maths.

Lebanon was a democratic (confessionalism) Christian country that was liberal and prosperous, often compared to Switzerland. But gradually the Islamic population grew till they became the majority. Look at Lebanon now. Strife, intolerance, conflict, poverty. All the values and culture of an entire nation were crushed. The same would happen to us.

Many UK Muslims are concentrated in what are effectively Sharia Law enclaves where English is rarely spoken. Tower Hamlets, Newham, Blackburn, Bradford, Luton. Muslims are far less educated than the rest of the population and are far more likely to be unemployed, living off the state. We British have followed a left wing policy of multiculturalism and diversity that has encouraged this. We have actually made things worse by not putting the effort into forcing integration and making Muslims accept our, British, culture.

Right now Muslims in Britain are practicing their primitive tribal culture, against our laws, on a huge scale and little or nothing is done about it. Female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honour crimes such as disfigurement by acid are commonplace. And Islamic gangs sexually abuse many thousands of our children. Our politicians, police and criminal justice system idly stand by and watch this happening, in full knowledge that an alien and barbaric culture has been transplanted here and is engaged on what is industrial scale criminal activity.

David Cameron is in denial of all of this. Recently he made a major change in his outlook and admitted that there might be some tolerance of extremism in the broader Muslim community, but he seems to have no real grasp of the scale and nature of what is happening to this country.

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