UKIP supporters are uneducated

UKIP supporters 650

We all already know that Labour supporters are a bit dim and that many of them are Yuppies. They vote for an evil doctrine that has caused harm to billions and they are in cognitive dissonance about how amoral and lacking in any social justice it is. They seek, out of bitter envy, to extort money out of people who are more successful than themselves. To punish hard work and enterprise. To take away the rights of individuals and instead to give power to the authoritarian state. Their lack of critical faculties and any intellectual rigour defines them.

The profile of a UKIP supporter is currently somewhat different, they tend to be social failures, just as Labour supporters are. But this time it is because they are lacking in education. This is self evident when you look at the nasty bigotry that is core to UKIPism. Only the uneducated could countenance this. Anyone with education would realise that many UKIP beliefs are the last resort of the desperate.

This is backed up by empirical facts. As you can see from the Populus poll above at the last election UKIP supporters are indeed a pretty uneducated bunch. Only half as likely to have a higher university degree as the national average.

Now look at what YouGov have to say:

UKIP members

Once again you can clearly see that UKIP supporters are more likely to be uneducated than the average person.

So what, you might say, UKIP only have one MP. And he tends to disagree with his leader a lot. But we have to look at the changing political landscape. Labour is disintegrating in front of our eyes and UKIP are in a good position to pick up the pieces. They came second in 120 constituencies in the recent General Election. If there was another such election tomorrow UKIP would win a lot more seats because of the Labour collapse.

So Nigel Farage must adapt, he must learn to keep his existing, uneducated, supporters happy. Whilst at the same time appealing to dim former Labour supporters.

UKIP seats 650




  1. How is your own education Bruce?

    Yongsters tend to be left wing, dependent milk sops – still feeding off their parents teets, still only with experience of dependency and a fear of letting go of apron strings (and the states apron will do just as well as mummy and daddy’s) – and as even the most stupid youngster is now automatically given a ‘degree’ in return for agreeing to pay a 20% graduate tax for the rest of their lives it doesn’t make sense to compare ‘level of education’ of these people and of an older, independent, wealth creating generation who (regardless of intellect) may have left ‘education’ much, much earlier.

    Most modern degrees are ‘education’ only in that the recipient dodged creating any wealth or you going independent for years longer than is good for them or society.

    Experience comes with age and so UKIP supporters do tend to be older – education itself is nothing to do with it – you may as well say UKIP supporters have more wrincles. It’s a consequence of when they were born, not a reflection on them as people.

    What non-subject was your degree in Bruce?


    1. Paul Perrin,

      Resorting to ad hominem is a symptom of a bad education.


      1. Marvellous retort Bruce, it’s not like you have ever resorted to personal insults or puerile name calling, right?


  2. “This Car has more seats than UKIP” is rather silly considering that, whatever you think of them, UKIP got more votes in the last election than the Lib-Dems and the SNP combined.
    As a comment in that way, it is just essentially a celebration of the FPtP system.


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