I feel sorry for Americans

American debt 650

When I was young the people of the USA voted in presidents who practiced good government. They made America a better place and with that they made the world a better place. There was very little difference between Democrats and Republicans, doing the right thing for the country came first.

Now America is divided into two nasty tribes, both driven by false dogma. They have elected a succession of useless presidents who have had zero moral compass and who have led America into a downwards spiral, economically and ethically. And the poor American voters have no credible way of actually voting for good government.

The two tribes are:

Conservatives. Typified by gun owning, redneck, bigoted, racist, Zionist trailer trash. They want to put all black people in prison, nuke Gaza and I-ran and to kill lots of A-rabs.

Liberals. (Who are not liberal). Typified by East Coast “intellectuals” and West Coast “creatives”. They want socialism. In America. When rejecting this failed, bankrupt creed is what has made America great. And when most of the rest of the world has now banished this pernicious disease.

So what is going wrong:

  • Interfering in other countries. America has now built bases all over the world and uses special forces and drones to commit acts of war against many countries on a daily basis. Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq killed more than a million people. The current bombing of Islamic State is utterly stupid and massively expensive for negligible results. But America won’t act against strong countries, look at Russia in the Ukraine. This makes owning nukes a very good idea for any country, it forces America to leave you alone. As with North Korea.
  • Guantanamo. Torture. Extraordinary rendition. America occupies the moral low ground, it has run lots of policies for lots of years that are against the principles of the founding fathers. US governments have been nasty and venal, losing the country all respect in the world.
  • Immense government deficits. $18 trillion dollars of accumulated debt. This is an unbelievable amount of money and it is utterly unsustainable. But it is so big that it can never be paid off. Federal spending is out of control. It has only been perpetuated thus far by the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. But a bubble can only grow so big before it bursts. A big part of the problem is believing false prophets like Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz who believe in a big, interventionist state, when all the evidence says that this is the worst possible option.
  • Ridiculous punishment of business. At 35%, the United States has the highest top corporate tax rate of any of the world’s developed economies. So companies move their jurisdiction to another country and pay lower tax there. They export production, investment and jobs offshore. They warehouse trillions of dollars overseas so as not to pay USA tax on it, depriving America of growth and investment. Corporation tax is the most stupid tax and the lower it is the better for the economy. Arthur Laffer could tell them how to fix this problem.
  • Not taxing the rich. There are so many tax breaks available to the rich that paying tax, contributing to running the country, is purely optional. So they don’t bother.
  • Racism and an out of control militarised police. Killing unarmed black people is routine for American police. Locking as many black people up as possible is the aim of the American criminal justice system. Whilst providing black people with great education is not deemed socially necessary. America is increasingly a fascist, racist country. With a black Democrat president.
  • Zionism. Zionists control American politics. So America throws massive monetary, military and intelligence support behind the illegal, racist, ethnic cleansing, mass murdering, apartheid pariah state that is Israel. It is amazing that America is effectively borrowing billions of dollars, putting its citizens into ever deeper debt, to support this evil country. It also means that America is enemies with all the decent, moral countries and people who oppose Israel.

There is much more that is wrong and there is nobody who even looks like they are remotely near fixing any of it. USA has become a nasty place and it is getting steadily nastier, a true dystopian state. And all the presidential candidates I have heard are venal, small minded people with no vision of how to cure America’s problems and make the country great again.


  1. What about Rand Paul? He isn’t perfect but he seems to be generally on the right side of the issues you discussed here.
    Very serious on paying down debt. Less interventionist. Constitutionalist. 15% flat tax on business and individuals. No blank cheque to Israel. Criminal justice reform. School choice.


  2. How about the so called lierals who are no such thing HATING poor white people. They are the biggest hypocrites on Earth. I am a TRUE liberal who believes ALL people should be treated equally that means no affirmative action unless it is inclusive of white women and it is not. The pseudoliberals worship 2 groups and only TOLERATE two groups blacks and homosexuals. Sad because the pseudoliberals are so stupid they have never read a history book or any book they spew hatred for anyone with a different opinion and have the NERVE to call themselves liberals shame on them. The only true liberals left in the USA are Green Party members. I was one before UI became a European citizen and got thw fuck out of that hole. I now live in a beautiful country with better architecture, weather and better looking people in addition it is very hard to find a narcissist in Europe aside form Russia. there is little to no violent crime and I have better healthcare than Americans. The UNited States is a shithole I was lucky enough to be born in the only cultural bastion of that cultural wasteland, New York. We retain our ethnicity in New York. I am Irish and I was born in New York. I am NOT nor was I ever an “American.” ONly Native people’s are entitled to that and the rest are a bunch of idiotic californians and flyover country flakes who have NO IDEA what their ethnicity is. Black women are attacking white women and pseudoliberal maniacs are defending this and they are not fired from jobs diue to potential lawsuits. Before i left in 2003 in my early twenties i was attacked by a big fat black woman and she was not put in prison that’s when i said fuck it it is not safe for me to live here anymore. I dealt with jealous black bitches for years before I left in Europe we have lovely African women and they do not have the sense of criminality that the black women do in America they are more than welcome here and experience little racism. Go Fuck yourselves black assholes who still complain about slavery when white europeans were the sllaves of arabs FIRST during the BArbary slave trade. READ A BOOK and stop being so narcissistic black American YOU are not the only victims there are still TWO sports teams one called the redskins and one the indians but the beautiful Native American transcends not stupid black americans they commit crimes and blame white people for their criminal natures.


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