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There are times when the Labour party and the BBC are so excruciatingly awful that they become parodies of themselves. There are also times when serendipity brings together the themes of several articles on here. So it was yesterday and it was exquisite to see how hapless senior Labour figures made fools of themselves as events unfolded. Totally lacking in any self awareness as the nation lampooned them.

Here I have written How the left use the English language to lie. (Click highlighted text to see further articles, analysis and facts). About how to them semantics are seen as pejorative opportunities. Then Political correctness is for idiots. Which is the left vandalising the core of British society and our values so as to implement their execrable dogma. Then Taking offence. Where they feign moral outrage to try and close down dissenting voices.

And yesterday it all happened. David Cameron used the word “swarm” as a collective noun to describe the thousand of migrants camped in Calais trying to smuggle themselves into this country. He said “a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life, wanting to come to Britain”. This was absolutely correct and perfect use of the English language. As you would expect from a man with a first class honours degree from Brasenose College at Oxford University.

Oxford dictionaries online defines a swarm as: A large number of people or things.
Collins dictionary defines a swarm as: A throng or mass, esp when moving or in turmoil.
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a swarm as: A large number of animate or inanimate things massed together and usually in motion.

The left are so deluded in their politics and so wrapped in the Westminster bubble that they genuinely thought that this was an opportunity to attack the Prime Minister, rather than trying to come up with solutions to the problem. Andy Burnham, unbelievably a Labour leadership candidate, tweeted: “Cameron calling Calais migrants a “swarm” is nothing short of disgraceful. Confirms there’s no dog-whistle these Bullingdon Boys won’t blow.” Not only has he fallen into all the traps I have listed, he also fell into two more. Firstly he is trying to invoke class warfare, a tactic that failed so abysmally for Ed Miliband. We are all aspirationally middle class now. Secondly he attacked the man instead of the argument. He tried to disparage Cameron without even attempting to explain what was wrong with the word “swarm”. All of which puts him pretty low on the pyramid of intellect.

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Harriet Harman is temporary leader of the Labour party and she pronounced: “he should remember he is talking about people and not insects” and called the use of “divisive” language a “worrying turn”. Which is preposterous to the point of delusion. A lie. He did no such thing.

Then, laughably, the lefty and OCD politically correct BBC pitched in, reporting all this from the Labour perspective as if it were a genuine and serious story, not two failed lefties trying to make political capital out of nothing. And they forgot to mention that Labour had an “open doors” immigration policy when they were in power. As the lack of social cohesion in many of our towns and cities now demonstrates.

When it comes to politics in Britain the social media is out of step with society as a whole, it is far more left wing. This is pure demographics with the average age online being considerably lower than that of the overall population. And young people still have their heads full of socialist brainwashing and don’t have the life experience to have learned just how failed and bankrupt this dogma is. So it was amazing yesterday to see the social media almost uniform in its complete derision of Burnham, Harman, the BBC and all the other politically correct fellow travelers who had climbed on this train to nowhere. Just look at the replies to Andy Burnham’s Tweet, HERE. Not a single voice of support or agreement, just pure contempt and mockery at his sheer stupidity and lack of basic critical faculties. The true British character came out and it scorned him.

This was a great day for Great Britain. As a nation we proved at the General Election that we have rejected socialism. That the Labour party is completely out of touch with the electorate. This whole “swarm” incident proved that they haven’t learned and that, if anything, the gulf is getting wider.



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