Will entryism destroy Labour?

Venezuela too has been trashed by socialism
Venezuela too has been trashed by socialism

Entryism was a process by which socialists gained power over much of British society in the 1970s. They would join organisations which held power and position in society then work themselves into positions of influence in that organisation, then use that power to enforce evil socialist dogma. And now, with beautiful, amazing irony, entryism looks set to destroy the Labour party.

What finished entryism before was the socialist Winter of Discontent. In 1979 an incredible 29,474,000 working days were lost to industrial action. Hospitals were picketed to prevent patients getting in, dead bodies were unburied and were stored in shipping containers. The economy was trashed. Britain was in a downwards spiral to oblivion. So the nation turned its back on socialism and instead chose Margaret Thatcher who rescued us all. The entryist socialists still largely control education, the public sector and the charitable organisations in Britain, which is why these are so abysmal, but their once great power has faded away.

No lefty has won a British general election since Harold Wilson in 1974. Only social democrat Tony Blair succeeded for the Labour party, three times. You think they would learn from this. James Callaghan lost. Michael Foot lost. Neil Kinnock lost (twice). Gordon Brown lost and Ed Miliband lost.

What is happening just now is serendipity, a number of things all coming together to destroy the Labour party. Here they are:

  • Ed Miliband was voted Labour leader by three equal electoral colleges whose results were then added together; the trade unions, the ordinary members and the Labour MPs. In 2014 Miliband changed this to One Member One Vote (OMOV). This massively reduces the power of MPs to choose who should lead them.
  • Labour then allowed “registered supporters” to have an equal vote in their leadership elections. It costs £3 to become one, £1 for ex servicemen and students. An activist can rope in a few friends and family and for very little money can have a lot of votes. This is a perfect mechanic for entryism. Hence the huge surge in Labour membership.
  • 610,753 people have applied to vote in the leadership contest. 299,755 full members, 189,703 affiliated members and 121,295 registered members. At the election in May the total was 200,000. So only a third of those voting are true activists. Two thirds of leadership voters are entryists of one sort or another.
  • Leadership candidates are still chosen by Labour MPs. Each nomination for the contest must be supported by 12.5 per cent of them. For this election that meant nominations from 35 MPs. Jeremy Corbyn is an unreconstructed, foam mouthed, dinosaur of a leftie and does not have even this level of support in Parliament, however by some jiggery pokery he managed to get sufficient nominations, many from MPs who abhor his politics. They must be regretting this now.
  • Since 2010 Len McCluskey has used the great wealth of the Unite union to buy up MPs, MP candidates and constituencies. He has stitched up the Labour party by owning it and he is a leftie. This is entryism at work.
  • The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) was set up in 2010 as a classic lefty entryist front. Their dogma: “bringing into democratic public ownership the major companies and banks that dominate the economy, so that production and services can be planned to meet the needs of all and to protect the environment” has failed every time it has been tried before and is what crippled Great Britain in the 1970s. It is what the British electorate now always reject. TUSC are the new Militant Tendency. And they now wield huge power within Labour.
  • The Socialist Workers Party say; “For organisations such as the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), which oppose themselves to the capitalist ruling class, having our own theory, our own ideas, is vitally important”. They want to destroy the wealth of our society and are experts at entryism, having corrupted great swathes of our education system. Far worse than the National Front or the BNP because they think that causing economic harm is good. Most of their supporters will have paid their £3 to vote for Corbyn.
  • Young people can be brainwashed with false idealism and can often veer to the left. As they become older they learn from the real world and reject the malodorous dogma. So young people are the shock troops of leftie activism. Their naivety and lack of real understanding exploited by the entryists.
  • There is a bit of a resurgence in the Green party in Britain. These people have two diseases, they are Luddites and they are socialists. Many of them have paid their £3 to move Labour to the left.
  • The #ToriesforCorbyn movement on Twitter has resulted in tens of thousands of Conservative voters paying their £3 fee so that they can help in the great loyal cause of destroying the Labour party.
  • The folk memory of the disastrous Winter of Discontent is fading. Lefties now espouse policies that would have been met with incredulity and laughter just a decade ago. We really need a good documentary series on how Wilson and Callaghan utterly trashed Great Britain with their leftism to restore that folk memory.

Since the Labour leadership competition began the huge influx of entryists has completely changed the entire nature of the party. The Labour party that fought the general election was a mixture of pragamatic social democracy and air headed Miliband leftism. Now the social democracy has been eliminated. Liz Kendall, the only candidate speaking anything remotely resembling sense, is a voice in the wilderness. Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham have moved steadily leftwards as they try to keep up with the entryists. All such fantastic entertainment to behold.

At the height of the Northern Ireland troubles
At the height of the Northern Ireland troubles


  1. The entire Labour party, along with anyone who votes for that bunch of traitors, should be tried for crimes against Britain and the British.


  2. Blairite entryism already destroyed the labour party.


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