1. I am proud of the Irvin, Texas City Council and especially their Mayor for this victory against Islam. It was a disgrace that Muslims used Texas to try and sneak in a Sharia Law court to bypass U.S. Laws and our American Constitution.

    But, now the Muslim in the Whitehouse is going to endanger our first amendment right – Freedom of Speech and our National Security.

    The Internet – Iran

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Targets 450 Social Media Users

    Tehran, Iran: The cyber-arm of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard says it has summoned, detained and warned some 450 administrators of social media groups in recent weeks due to posts seen as immoral, involving modeling – AP

    Associated Press Full Story – The Daily Star Lebanon Aug-23-2016:

    The Internet – America

    Obama’s Surrendering the Internet – Censoring the Internet

    The Obama Administration is planning on surrendering the control of the Internet Oct-01-2016. The freedom of speech is under threat. Please share this message and video.

    The UN Body That Will Control The Internet Include Russia, China, Iran and the Muslim OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference Comprised of 57 Islamic Countries.

    Barack Obama is doing this entirely through executive order. No Act of Congress authorized this!

    Tell Congress to stop the transfer of Internet control to the UN! We must stop Obama from destroying the current engine of America’s economic freedom!

    Once Control of the Internet is given away – there’s no getting it back.!

    And, If Hillary Clinton is elected President – You can expect more of the same type Executive Orders from her. Obama’s third term only worse.!

    Help Make This Message Go Viral – Inform America.!

    The Marble Mind Video Aug-21-2016:
    UN – Muslims To Have Control of The Internet Soon.!


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