February 2016

Brexit. The memes

These are excellent ammunition to use on social media! If you want words here are some articles (click on the highlighted text to open): Why Britain must vote to leave […]

EU, we must vote to quit

So David Cameron has done his EU deal and it is a bad one that makes little difference. He has not succeeded in his aims, despite holding all the cards. […]

Religion. The memes

Last year we let a million intolerant followers of a barbaric religion into Europe, this year it will probably be three million. Europe has a liberal secular society with largely […]

Junior doctors ridiculous strikes

Firstly many people don’t actually know what a junior doctor is. They think that they are doctors who are not senior. In fact they are doctors who are still being […]

London Mayor. No valid candidate

The upcoming London Mayoral election, on 5th May 2016, is Hobson’s Choice with no candidate that a reasonable person could vote for. Zac Goldsmith is a Zionist who believes: “We ought […]