London Mayor. No valid candidate

London Mayor 650

The upcoming London Mayoral election, on 5th May 2016, is Hobson’s Choice with no candidate that a reasonable person could vote for.

Zac Goldsmith is a Zionist who believes: “We ought to be doing everything we possibly can to ensure the sustainability of Israel”. Which means that he supports a fascist, genocidal cult. This is a cancer that has taken control of the Conservative party, Zac isn’t the only acolyte. He is also an eco-nutter, fully following the BBC line on the scam that is global warming.

Sadiq Khan is a Muslim and a socialist. Both of which we already have far too much of in Britain. And Lutfur Rahman has already proven what both of these nasty philosophies can achieve in London.

Siân Berry represents the Green Party who are Luddites as well as being socialists. So they would do the maximum possible harm to society.

Caroline Pidgeon is the Liberal Democrat representing the soft left. Her career in local government and the NHS are no preparation for the real world.

Peter Whittle is the UKIP candidate. A party with a long history of bigotry. Amazingly he is LGBT, whatever that means.

David Furness BNP (maybe, there is a technicality) represents the right, which is not politically correct in socialist Britain.

George Galloway (maybe). Relentless self publicist and mad as a box of frogs. Rejected by the voters of Bradford West.

Paul Golding, Britain First, so even more right wing.

Winston McKenzie, election junkie is an English Democrat, out for a laugh.

So where is the free market, non bigot, non cult, candidate who would stand up for the real interests of Londoners? There isn’t one.





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