It is irrefutable: Hitler was a socialist

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Modern day socialists hate to be reminded that Hitler was one of them. The very word Nazi means National Socialist Workers Party and they described their creed as  “der echte Sozialismus”; real socialism. When comparing themselves with Russia the Nazis said that their own form of socialism was better. Just exactly like Corbynites despise Blairites. This delusion is a major feature of socialism, different cults think that their version is the one and only true version and that all the other cults are apostate. That their cult will succeed when all previous variations of socialism have always failed.

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Lefties try to deny that Hitler was one of them, academic lefties write articles displaying their utter cognitive dissonance over the irrefutable truth. So here are a whole bunch of references that you can click to see, which are full of the facts. Anyone who says other than that Hitler was a socialist really has comprehension problems:

(Click here to see Daniel Hannan article comprehensively proving that Nazism was socialism). (Click here for article by George Watson with the facts, proving Hitler was a socialist). (Click here for a Mises Institute article about Nazism, Socialism and totalitarianism). (Dr Rachel Frosh writes about why Nazism is Socialism, with references to more facts, click here). (Chapter 12 of Friedrich Hayek’s famous book The Road to Serfdom is titled “The Socialist Roots of Naziism” and gives the intellectual and philosophical background. Click for more details). (Joseph Goebbels explains why Nazis are socialists, click to see the truth from the horses mouth!). (Click for extract from book The Ominous Parallels, by Leonard Peikoff, in which he explains the nature of Nazi Socialism).

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What unites Corbyn and Hitler is authoritarianism. Both believing that the state knows better than the people themselves do. That the state should control everything and that the people should only do what the state instructs them to do.

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Thuggery was a means to Hitler, his Brown shirts intimidated to suppress dissent. Corbyn has Momentum to perform a similar job.

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As always Labour are the true nasty party. Like Hitler they hate freedom of speech and they use political correctness to suppress ideas not conforming to their creed. Look how they howled when David Cameron accurately and correctly use the word “bunch”. They really do not believe in democracy.

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And remember that Hitler came to power by subverting the democratic process, just as £3 votes brought Corbyn to power. Both also harnessed the power of youth. Kids who do not have enough real world experience to think critically for themselves, so are easily brainwashed with dogma. And both regularly purge their cadres to ensure conformity and purity of obedience to the cult.

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    1. Ian,

      I have now added resources to the article that comprehensively prove that Hitler was a socialist. Modern lefties don’t like it that he was one of them, but what do you expect of such a fundamentally evil dogma?


        Richard Evans, in his magisterial three volume history of Nazi Germany, is quite clear on whether Hitler was a socialist: “…it would be wrong to see Nazism as a form of, or an outgrowth of, socialism.” (The Coming of the Third Reich, Evans, p. 173). Not only was Hitler not a socialist himself, nor a communist, but he actually hated these ideologies and did his utmost to eradicate them. At first this involved organizing bands of thugs to attack socialists in the street, but grew into invading Russia, in part to enslave the population and earn ‘living ‘ room for Germans, and in part to wipe out communism and ‘Bolshevism’.

        Try reading this, you may learn something………………..


        1. The facts are irrefutably proven in my article.
          All you have come up with is that lefties suffer from cognitive dissonance.


    2. I think you should do more research: National Socialism is different from Socialism. We can put the authoritarian scale on two lines, the fiscal and the social line. Socialists are often fiscally authoritarian and socially liberal. What defines a national socialist is a socialist who is socially authoritarian and has an aggressive foreign policy. Thus, they are at opposite ends at the common left-right spectrum, but as they are anti-establishment they will often have a fiscal policy that benefits the working class. So no, you can’t compare them. If you follow the Daily Express then yes, you could be forgiven for believing Momentum is a group of thugs, but here are a few things you should note about those pictures; if a left-wing group wants a demo then other groups will tag-along. I think you will find those holding the banner have no masks on, this suggest that these masked activists aren’t from Momentum, they all are wearing similar uniform showing they may be from the same group, and they are many other groups, other left-wing political groups other than Momentum, that are more likely to be thugs.


      1. Hi Nicolas,

        Why don’y you try reading the articles referenced in my blog above? Then you might have a clearer view of things.


        1. I read some of them, and from what I see it proves my point: Both Socialism and National Socialism share an economic policy. We should also make it clear that Stalin drifted out of the left, he went into his own thing because he went against everything the left stands for. Anyway back to the point what you haven’t linked together is their social and foreign policy which is very different. Socialism believes in a society without scapegoats: ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexuality, sex, etc. doesn’t matter. National socialist believe in putting these in a hierarchy , they will choose the “best” of all of these and will put them above the rest. This could be by making them higher (i.e. giving benefits) , lowering the other classes (i.e.extra legislations) or in Hitler’s case both. Most Socialists believe in cutting the defence budget this can be proven by: the Green Party, the general cold-war left-youth swing (including the start of hippies) and Momentum’s anti-trident stance. National socialists are war-mongers, Hitler was famous for making the German armed forces bigger. The fact they they’re alike on one policy does not necessarily mean they are close. You posted a link to an article about Socialism requiring a dictatorship, I question that. Clement Atlee was a socialist and he was the first cold-war prime minister, the prime-minister that defended the west from Stalin. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama are all within 1 square on the political spectrum in accordance to Socialism, these were men that have fought long and hard against totalitarian rule. Through-out the cold war many countries democratically elected in socialist leaders, their rule was going along smoothly until the U.S assassinated or coup’d them. These countries include Iran and Chile. For these reasons I believe that the articles you have posted in the link are inaccurate.


    3. The Nazis were on the far right end of the spectrum. They adopted the name “national socialists” simply to attract working class votes. The word “national” should have rang alarm bells, because most socialists are internationalists, rather than nationalists. There’s a rather famous piece of prose by Pastor Martin Niemöller, writing of the murder of political dissidents in Nazi Germany and the intellectual cowardice of others, which starts with:

      “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out, as I am not a socialist…”

      And the Nazis did in fact murder socialists, trade unionists and anarchists, among other “dissidents”. So you see, not a socialist party after all. Most academics place them on the right end of the political spectrum.


      1. Kitty,

        You should try reading the article and following the references.
        Also you misunderstand socialism. It is very highly authoritarian. It is about the state owning and controlling everyone. As Hitler did.


  1. The socialist policies of the Nazis created an economic and military power that took on most of Europe and eventually took 4 great powers to defeat it.

    However to suggest that the racist and anti Semitic views of the Nazis has any say in the left as a whole shows cognitive dissonance and a blatant attempt to discredit the left through the logical fallacy of association.

    Furthermore, some people in momentum are less than pleasant. However the vast majority are decent people. To suggest they are trotskyites, Leninist or stalininist is pure idiocy because actual communists despise Corbyn and his supporters as bourgeois reformers. Also the right has it fair share of thugs such as Mark Clarke who drove a young adult to suicide. I accept though he is not representative of the right.

    Also I would like to address your point on political correctness. Free speech also means that people must be open to criticism. The reaction in the ‘bunch’ case and many others where people merely criticised the language and views implied by them and did not call for banning or censorship and your response shows how you feel your views are not allowed to be criticised. This would mean you are also an opponent to democracy. I do not believe you are an enemy of democracy however you must be more nuanced in your claims but I guess fundamentally evil and dogmatic people aren’t reasonable or nuanced in their views. Was I rude, generalising and abusive just like you Bruce? I just know you complain when people are rude to you yet you use the exact same language to others.

    Also Corbyn does not oppose free speech as evidenced after the trump petition where instead of following the crowd made the correct decision that it would be better to confront Trump’s idea instead of banning them.


    1. “Furthermore, some people in momentum are less than pleasant. However the vast majority are decent people”
      vast majority are decent people, decent people do not want to tell other people what to do, decent people want other people to do what they the people want to do, these momentum scum want to regulate the people all the time, tell them what to do, give people less freedom, sure decent people, control freaks.


      1. Stuart,

        Certainly Momentum occupy the moral low ground.
        They have not applied any cognitive processes to what they ask for and actively seek to harm others with their dogma.
        They come across as brainwashed groupie acolytes for a dim geriatric.


        1. By agreeing with Stuart and ignoring my points shows how little you know Bruce. Often you think for your self but you are clearly brainwashed in this case and as a result rely on rude and abusive insults in the lack of evidence. This also makes you a hypocrite as you often complain about the same behaviour.


  2. The NAZIS called themselves socialists. Soviet controlled East Germany was called “German Democratic Republic” – yet they were not a democracy. Funny that.
    They were in fact facists – extreme right wingers.
    They were funded from New York banks – owned by Jews?!
    Socialism is closer to Communism – on the political spectrum ie. the Left.
    Western governments (UK USA etc) had a mixed economy after WWII, and we all prospered. In 1979/1980 Thatcher and Regan came to power and their free market Neo-Classical economics started to redistribute the wealth the other way (Blair was also in this camp). It’s time to stop this BS.
    Corbyn is a decent person with a big following. So is Sanders in the US. Get over it.


    1. Andy,

      In the article there is a paragraph of links to articles that explain the nature of Hitler’s socialism in full detail. I suggest that you read these and learn.


      1. Read it all. It’s paper thin bullshit, to put it politely. Keep clutching at straws.


  3. Why can people not see that socialism is a con, that socialism means you have no liberty. No freedom, nothing belongs to you, not even your children- everything belongs to the state. Without liberty we become slaves. This is a trick to force us into a one world global money system based on socialism when the fractional reserve banking system finally collapses for good.


  4. Hitler was in no way a socialist the first quote was never said by Hitler and the Nazis never controlled the means of production. Hitler allied himself with wealthy corporate elites, privatized banks, privatized many industries, sold public lands for finance, and when the Nazis seized Jewish property and businesses they sold them into private hands.


    1. And what do today’s hard core Socialist do? They don’t align themselves with corporate elites? That is a very stupid argument. Most corporations today are run by Socialist want to be’s.


  5. It it truly amazing reading all these Liberal responses to something that is plane as day. It frightens me to see all these leftist posts refuting what the absolute truth is. This Socialist ideology is embraced today by the Left just as it was back then. Hitler would be proud of today’s Leftists, especially if you look at the similarities. Leftists don’t like facts, and will argue against facts no matter how true something is. Its sad to see so many on the Left brainwashed with lies about who Hitler was. Unfortunately this Leftist Socialist ideology will never die. Its a political cancer that will only continue to grow.


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