Religion. The memes

Religion Islam behead

Last year we let a million intolerant followers of a barbaric religion into Europe, this year it will probably be three million. Europe has a liberal secular society with largely Christian morality. Which is why we are suffering huge conflicts with the migrants creating a plague of theft, violence and sex crime across Europe. So now is a very good time to poke fun at all religions. Enjoy.

Religion evolution

Religion Christianity

Israel Jewish bigotry 650

Islam enslaving women 650

Hindu beef 650

Religion 3 650

Islam bullet through head 650

Religion = shit

Religion bible 650

Israel anti semitism 4 650

Religion #22

Religion respect

Religion brain 650

Religion kills

Islam UK gang rape 650

Religion one book

Religion catholicism

Muslim tolerance 650

Religion Noah 650

Atheists meme 650

Religion bulshit

Islam muhammed 650

Jehovas witness 450

Religion 4 (2)

Religion Onan 650

Buddhist meme 650

Religion Jesus tortured

Israel nazism 500

Hindu Hindon't 650

Islam diversity

Child abuse 650

Islam religion of peace #3 650

Religion penis meme 650

Israel suck baby dick 650

Religion nonconform

Religion. Need a new one.

Israel jew hater

Religion coincidence

Israeli self hating jew 512

Religion Connolly

Islam liberals

Religion needs humans

Religion cunts

Israelis burn flag 650

Islam muhammed #2 650

Religion flied you into buildings

Religion duck god

Religion. Atheists are cleverer

Islam minority rights 650

Israel Goyim 650

Religion faith

Religion humanist

Religion #2

Religion #12 500

Religion 1

Religion #8

Islam. Nothing to do with

Religion devil

Religion. Respect faith.



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  1. Women were waving vaginas in everyones face


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