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So David Cameron has done his EU deal and it is a bad one that makes little difference. He has not succeeded in his aims, despite holding all the cards. Now we get to vote and we must vote to leave. Here’s why:

  • Trade. The EU needs us far more than we need them. So our trade relationship with them will remain, otherwise they would be in very deep trouble. If anything we would be in a stronger position, because we would not be subject to Council of Ministers diktats.
  • Trade. We joined the EU ONLY for free trade, but there are new kids in town, CETA, TPP and TTIP. These are far bigger and far better and they are Britain’s trading future. They make the EU irrelevant.
  • The Institute of Economic Affairs has just launched a book by Professor Patrick Minford,  Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School, which finds that continued EU membership may cost us at least 13 per cent of GDP each year; in today’s terms, £9,265 per household. Why should we pay this?
  • The Club Med countries in the EU treat it as a cash cow. To pay for their corruption and fiscal incontinence. This will never change and it is the hard working British taxpayers who finances them.
  • The EU itself is utterly corrupt, it is also full of corporatism and cronyism. As an organisation it is not fit for purpose and resists all attempts to clean it up.
  • In the EU Council of Minister the UK has just 13% of the vote. So we have to do what they instruct us to do. In the last 19 years every time we have voted No to anything the result has been Yes. Between 2010 and 2015 the UK voted No 23 times and each time the measure went through anyway. We have to do what we are told to do.
  • The EU works continually towards ever closer integration, to make the EU into one country. With, as ever, the EU telling us all what to do. This is pure dystopia.
  • Migrant Muslim swarms are invading Europe, more than a million last year, probably three million this year. Once they have an EU passport they can travel anywhere. Just as tens of thousands of Somalis pick up a Dutch passport then move to the UK for our more generous benefits. Greece could just issue passports to everyone arriving in Lesbos and then they would be free to come straight here to destroy our society.
  • The EU is fundamentally socialist. They believe in the power of the state over the individual. But socialism always fails and brings harm, look at Venezuela now and look how Labour governments have trashed Great Britain.
  • The EU fails politically every time it is tested. It failed very badly during the 2008 financial crisis, mainland Europe is still crippled by this. It has failed in the migrant crisis, doing far too little, far too late whilst European civilisation is being trashed.
  • European countries do far, far better by not being in the EU. Iceland, Switzerland, Norway. We must learn from them.
  • Luckily we opted out of a lot of the EU, so we can extract ourselves quite easily. We are not in Schengen, the Euro or EMU, the Area of freedom, security and justice and only partially in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

In fact it is difficult to see a single benefit from being in the EU, it would be incredibly stupid to remain.

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