We must use our navies to turn back the migrant boats

Migrant boat

The European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (Frontex) tells us that in all of 2015, there were 1.83 million illegal border crossings detected at EU’s external borders compared to the previous year’s record of 283,500. So the increase was nearly seven fold year on year. These are the best and most accurate figures available. Nearly all these migrants were Muslims who are utterly incompatible with liberal, tolerant European civilisation. And once settled they will bring all their dependents here, which will increase their numbers severalfold.

They are definitely economic migrants, not refugees, because they don’t stop and seek help in the first safe country they come to, usually Greece, instead they try to reach the countries which promise them the most benefits; free housing, free food, free education, free clothes, free money. So they try to reach Great Britain (hence the Calais migrant camps), Sweden and Germany. Here the taxpayers are expected to cover the immense cost, for years ahead, in fact indefinitely. Asylum seekers who have arrived so far will cost Germany an estimated €50 billion by the end of 2017. And they have created a huge epidemic of theft, violence and sex crimes as their primitive morality interacts with our civilisation.

It is undeniable that a fairly high percentage of the migrants are Jihadis, steeped in Wahabi doctrine that tells them that all non Muslims are kafir and should be killed. The Koran tells them to do this several times. So their attitude towards their generous hosts in Europe is that they will take your free handouts, but they would still be very happy to kill you. A smaller percentage will have been indoctrinated into more extremist Islam with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood or several other similar organisations. They will be coming to Europe to organise killing as many people as possible, as we have seen in the Paris attacks.

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The reason the migrants come is because Angel Merkel told them to. The word that there is an open door to free everything has spread throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia, so they are coming. And the numbers are ramping up exponentially. Already ten times as many migrants and refugees arrived in Europe by sea in the first six weeks of this year compared to the same period of 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration. So you might expect 10 X 1.83 million illegal migrants to enter the EU this year. 18.3 million. But the situation is far far worse because of the way that the numbers are ramping up month by month (as well as varying with the season). What do we do when it is a million a month? A million a week? Because that is what will happen this year. With all their dependents to follow.

Turkey is not our friend in this, despite being in NATO and wanting to join the EU. They have done little or nothing to stop the migrant swarm. Why should they, the migrants pay a lot to people smugglers for their transit which is bringing many billions to the Turkish economy? The EU is giving Turkey three billion Euros and has promised to expedite their EU membership in return for them helping us. This really will make little difference when a million people a week are on the march. And letting Turkey inside the EU is not exactly going to help our huge problem with Muslims.

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In fact many of the migrants are Turkish, all they have to do is to throw their documentation away and say that they are Syrian, just as many others from all over the Middle East and North Africa are doing. They are even coming from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Ukraine etc which are inside Europe. And also from as far away as Nigeria and Sri Lanka. The lure of free everything is strong. And the British press lie that they are all dentists and brain surgeons. This is because the very few who speak English and can be interviewed are the educated ones. The vast majority are just primitive peasants who speak no European language and who believe that their religion and Sharia are more important than our laws and our culture.

Our politicians have been an utter disgrace. Inviting the migrant swarms in, giving them priority to social resources, ignoring the immense crime epidemic, denying that Islam is a problem and doing far too little, far too late to tackle self evident problems of immense magnitude. They have consistently ignored the will of their own people and deserve to lose any future election they stand for. They have sold the people of Europe down the river. They have not protected us from this immense external threat to our civilisation. They are now the enemy within.

But there is one politician,  Werner Faymann, the Chancellor of Austria, who understands what is happening and what needs to be done. He wants all migrants sent back to Turkey, for EU border patrols to pick up and return every single illegal immigrant. And he is absolutely right because the alternative is the end of European civilisation. An Islamic war within Europe looks inevitable and the citizens of Germany are arming themselves to the teeth in preparation.

In order to defend their citizens most European countries have navies. It is about time they started doing their job because currently they do nothing. They need to defend us from the threat to our civilisation and culture. Deploy our navies to the Aegean and the southern Mediterranean and turn back every single migrant boat. It is the only solution. They should start now whilst the seasonal numbers are low to build up a deterrence factor before the weather become more amenable to refugee crossings.

And we should also introduce a zero dependents policy as a further disincentive, whilst processing all existing migrants and returning the maximum number possible.. The only alternative is disaster.

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  1. “They are even coming from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Ukraine etc which are inside Europe.”

    From Serbia “refugees” were Roma people, who claimed to be “discriminated” in Serbia. We stop them from leaving the country, ’cause Germans urged us to do so. Why? Because Roma people did there what they did in Serbia, however in Germany they don’t complain that they are “discriminated”. And go figure, Germans didn’t like what Roma people did or tried to do in Munich and other cities. So Germany (and EU) is paying us to “gently force” integration of Roma people into our society.

    So please get the facts right, more than half of these “refugees” from Serbia don’t even have passports or ID cards. They didn’t want to register because they have free education (which is mandatory, but majority of them are avoiding) and free health care, even though they don’t legally exist in Serbia.

    Other then that, (well educated) Serbs ARE going to EU countries but ONLY when they receive a decent job offer, never as refugees.


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