Proof: the Labour Party really do hate the working man

Eastern European workers 650

Since Tony Blair opened the floodgates to Eastern European workers they have swarmed into Britain, the wages are many times higher here. At the end of last year there were more than two million mainland Europeans working here (an increase of around 200,000 in the year) and more than half of these came from the East. In some economic sectors, such as catering, it is rare to come across a native Brit.

You can see why an employer would prefer Eastern Europeans, they are better educated, harder working and hate the cancer of socialist attitudes. They saw what socialism did to their own countries. They come here to build good lives for themselves and their families. They want to work hard and prosper. It is hardly surprising that so many British jobs are now only advertised in Eastern Europe. Why employ a lazy, uneducated British person who thinks that successful people are evil and who thinks that they have a right to free everything from the state? As a result many British people have made themselves unemployable because their thinking and attitudes have been taken over by lefty brainwashing.

This almost unlimited supply of high quality labour has had a profound economic effect. It has enabled huge numbers of businesses to prosper, to compete more effectively in the free market and to look after their customers. These immigrants have been one of the main building blocks of our economic success. However the law of supply and demand applies to labour just as it does to everything else in a free market. So the availability of an effectively infinite number of Eastern Europeans keeps wages low, to the point where the national minimum wage has become the default standard wage for huge swathes of the workforce. There is no need to pay any more because for every job there are plenty of very keen immigrants very happy to do it. And to do it well.

But for the indigenous working man Eastern European immigration has been a disaster, it has made it far more difficult to get a job and it has kept wages low. If you don’t have rare and special skills (or work in the public sector) you aren’t going to get more than the minimum wage.

The Labour party was founded for the working man, they sought what they called “social justice” and “equality”. Which meant punishing successful, educated people and rewarding unsuccessful, uneducated people. But modern Labour is not like this. Modern Labour consists of a metropolitan elite who have never had a proper job in the world and who get a nosebleed if they travel north of Watford. The current generation of Labour leadership care absolutely nothing for the working man, they care only for their dogma. Nationalising stuff and increasing state control is far more important to them than what the average working man earns.

Which brings us to the current EU referendum campaign. If we leave the EU the supply of cheap labour will go down and the wages of the average working man will go up. So the Labour party should be campaigning for Out. But they aren’t, they are campaigning for In. Labour are campaigning to harm their traditional constituency base. They want working people to be poorer. Presumably so that they will keep on voting Labour.

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