March 2016

Why the British Empire was a very good thing

It is utterly sickening that two of the greatest ever writers of English literature, William Somerset Maugham and Joseph Rudyard Kipling have become non persons, cast into oblivion by the politically correct […]

Islam and free speech in Britain

Free speech is the most important human right we have, without it we are just slaves. So it is an absolute, even when it offends and upsets others. Yet some […]

We must ban the Burqa

The Burqa is not an Islamic garment, it is not directly refereed to in the Koran or the main Islamic teachings. It is just a primitive tribal garment which has […]

Why democracy is evil

We in the West are brought up and brainwashed to think that democracy is the best, the only form of government. So good, in fact, that we have spend much […]

Why did IDS resign?

This all goes back to the first day that cabinet ministers were allowed to voice their opinion on the EU referendum. Obviously a lot of people were hoping that the […]

Social media is not your friend

The advent of social media on the internet has been met with almost universal praise by those who support our human rights and freedoms. They see these sites as places […]

Economically and financially the EU has been a disaster for its citizens. The union has consistently underperformed against the rest of the world despite having excellent education, infrastructure, natural resources, […]

Why has Putin exited from Syria?

As this blog explained in October last year Putin was not being his cleverest when he intervened in Syria (click this highlighted text to see article). So it is hardly […]

Osborne. Stop punishing success

George Osborne is often portrayed as an arch Thatcherite, he cried at her funeral. But there is one area where he is completely at odds with the Iron Lady. She […]

This Sunday, the 13th of March, will be the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Dunblane school shooting by Thomas Hamilton, one of the deadliest mass murders in UK history, when gunman […]