Social media is not your friend

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The advent of social media on the internet has been met with almost universal praise by those who support our human rights and freedoms. They see these sites as places where everyone has an equal voice, where free speech rules, where the establishment can be challenged and where all points of view are valid. Many see social media as a superior alternative to the mainstream media, being much faster to report and respond and without the bias of state owned or proprietor owned outlets.

But these people are all very deluded indeed. Facebook and Twitter can and do give some chosen content far more prominence, so it reaches more people and has more influence. Conversely both sites suppress some content so that it reaches fewer people and has less influence.

So they can quite easily give socialism a massive boost whilst censoring support for capitalism. They can champion Trump and harm Clinton. They can help Zionism whilst preventing the Palestinians from having their voices heard. Their power is enormous. Facebook has 1.59 billion active monthly users, Twitter 332 million. And all these users spend vastly more time engaged with these online sites than they do with the mainstream news media.

So the social media have immense, global political power from manipulating what people see on these sites. And they definitely use this power. They have more power than the biggest press baron or the most successful politician. Yet nobody knows what their agenda is. What are they trying to achieve politically and socially? We know they are moulding attitudes, but how are they moulding them? What are they doing inside our heads?

Most insidiously of all the users of these social media sites don’t know that they are being manipulated, that some anonymous person in California is deciding what they can and will know and think. This is social conditioning on an epic scale. It is immense, undemocratic power that is not answerable to anyone. The exact opposite if what social media is supposed to be.

So when you use social media do so with cynicism. It is a very long way from being free speech, you are being fed attitude and information by someone with an agenda that you don’t know and which you have no control over. Mark Zuckerberg is the most powerful man on earth.


  1. This is the third time in two days As of today September 29 2017

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    It’s time to regulate Facebook like we did with utility companies of old

    As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”. In 1968 the quotation appeared in the 14th edition of the seminal reference work Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. The Only Thing Necessary for the Tr…

    There are certain powerful forces at work today, and Fake-book (facebook) is one of them, that have begun to realize they could actually lose control of the prevailing anti-white, Cultural Marxist narrative in our society they are so dedicated to unless they intensify their censorship of certain voices that have grown increasingly popular. These are voices that speak openly for the cause and interests of white people, such as the voices at American Renaissance. More and more whites are listening to these voices because they are tired of being browbeaten for who they are, even as they open the doors of their countries as no race ever has before to unskilled, penniless hoards from Third World hell-holes who thank them by rejecting their laws, customs, and manners, while readily accepting their hard-earned tax dollars and raping their daughters. Whites are tired of being the only race on earth toward whom oppression, discrimination, vilification, race hatred, endless blame for the failures and limitations of other groups, and all manner of bigotry is not only tolerated and accepted, but ever more enthusiastically endorsed by our ruling elites in the media, entertainment, business, and government, even as, at the same time, whites are lectured incessantly that there is no greater evil than for a white person to possess these very same attitudes toward any other race.

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    The following article from American Renaissance explores how the recent craving for censorship among our corporate elites actually has its roots in the methods practiced by the communists of the Soviet Union.

     The Soviet Roots of Today’s Corporate Censorship – American Renaissance
    Facebook deactivate account is unequivocal censorship against Conservatives and Christian!

    Finally had a friend who is able to access my account from another state it appears that Facebook has been monitoring my IP address and denied me access to my account only after my friend access my account for me by passing Facebook security they were able to access my account on my behalf please see below, e-mail, and from my friend
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    To: [email protected]
    This morning A friend of mine called me he said he was locked out of his Facebook account he asked me for my help to get back into his account so after going back through and resetting passwords and figuring out which was which to try to get by the security we finally got into his account so I gave him the new information to log into his account and he still cannot get in they have blocked his IP address censorship huh sucks anything to keep the good people down and to keep the good word from spreading two others and making them aware of what’s really going on we have a wonderful president even though everybody tries to dissuade him at every turn he’s just trying to do a job for the people and you got the bureaucratic and political pencil pushing assholes trying to keep the people blind to what is really going on so this is just a little information I’m putting out there and my IP address will probably be blocked soon to my Facebook account will probably be censored and cut off but if this goes out in anybody can read it no this is a real red-blooded American who’s not trying to mislead anybody but giving you a piece of what’s really going on peace be with you and God bless. This person (myself) that I’m referring to have you even took the time to create another Facebook account that a few people have friended and then they blocked it and took it down so censorship what happened to the freedom of speech the pursuit of happiness we’re living in troubling times I would go as far as to even calling it communist and fascist
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  2. This is the third time in two days As of today September 29 2017


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