Islam and free speech in Britain

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Free speech is the most important human right we have, without it we are just slaves. So it is an absolute, even when it offends and upsets others. Yet some people, especially the authoritarian left, only believe in free speech that they agree with. This is not free speech, it is just propaganda and confirmation bias. This blog believes in free speech and vigorously defended the dim, vile lefty Bahar Mustafa from the den of stupidity that is Goldsmiths University when our state tried to persecute her for her idiocy (click here to read article).

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But now we have a Prime Minister and a Conservative government who are trying to suppress free speech and debate. And the issue they are trying to brainwash us about is Islam in Britain. They want us to believe that the immigrant Muslim population is just like us indigenous Brits, but usually with a bit more of a tan. They ignore the suppression of Muslim women, the huge levels of intolerance, the Female Genital Mutilation, the forced marriages, the very low levels of economic contribution, the child brides, Sharia law, the honour crimes, the epidemic of Muslim gang rape of white children, the hate of homosexuality, the terrorist atrocities and the steady stream of young Muslim men appearing in court for plotting to kill us. We know that Islam is not moderate from the popular support that Islamic State have and the way the Charlie Hebdo killings were justified (click here for further details).

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Instead David Cameron stands up and repeats his mantra “nothing to do with Islam” every time a Muslim commits yet another atrocity. He pathetically persists in calling Islamic state Daesh so as to try and dissociate Islam from their terrorism and atrocities. The lefty/liberal BBC are complicit in this social conditioning, minimising their coverage of all Muslim crimes and spinning the government line furiously. And our police forces have become Orwell’s thought police, bringing the full force of the law to bear on people who dare to express an opinion that differs from the Prime Minister’s.

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Matthew Doyle made the above Tweet and this is what our thought police did: “I was detained, my flat trashed, my passport seized and two PCs, two tablets and my phone taken” and “I was denied a shave, shower, food. I was stripped of any dignity to appear in court without looking like a dishevelled hobo that I am not”. He was charged by police with an offence under Section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986. For that Tweet. Just think about it, if you now voice your opinion on any matter and that opinion disagrees with the government then you too could suffer the same sort of police thuggery, or worse. It is an utter disgrace in our civilisation that our elected politicians and our public servants think that they can deprive us of our basic human rights. On this occasion, luckily, we had a happy ending, the massive outcry on social media stunned the authorities into dropping the case like a hot brick, even though they obviously wanted to persecute Mr Doyle.

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We have two huge problems here. The first is the gradual but unstoppable Islamic takeover of Great Britain, their continued mass immigration and higher birth rate make this inevitable. The second is that our elected government don’t want us to have a say in this, they want to suppress all democratic debate and discussion, misusing the full force of the law against us.

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  1. I agree that Mr Doyle should not have been arrested for his views. However, I vehemently disagree with him and you on Islam.

    First of all that crude drawing to demonstrate support for ISIS is inaccurate and would be more like a maxwell-boltzman distribution curve (at a cold temperature). I am sure you may quote some polls saying about 20-30% of Muslims support ISIS. However I would suggest you look at their methodology. They are often very small samples, held online (making them unreliable) and have leading questions. For example the sun’s one fifth poll was a based off a question along if you felt sympathy for those going to fight in Syria. It did state fight for ISIS and sympathy does mean support as you can feel sympathy for those who have been brainwashed without supporting their actions. The poll you mentioned was also found to have leading qiestions and poor samples as well as being misreprented by the media. Furthermore even if it were correct 2/3 of Muslims wouldn’t have sympathy and yet you inisist on their persecution despite their innocence.

    Also on the idea in a couple of decades Britain will be Muslim majority is ludicrous. First of immigration is not all Muslim as you know and even if not continued at this rate coupled with high birth rates most studies suggest by 2100 there would be a 25% Muslim population. Furthermore, evidence shows that second generation immigrants and beyond have birth rates similar to everyone else and now even in countries like Pakistan many families only 2 children. So this kind of fear mongering is unjustified.

    Additionally, you make a list of points against Islam which I will address. On oppression of women, of course there will be some like in Saudi Arabia (although your anti feminist rhetoric shows this probably doesn’t concern you). However in Indonesia Women are treated equally and here in the UK many Muslim women go to uni and into good jobs. Also I know you will talk about the burqa but it is very low in usage anywhere outside Saudi Arabia and is often worn by women of their own volition. As well you advocate banning the burqa but the state has no right to say what people can where and it seems you are happy to use the state to oppress people as long as it’s not you.

    You mention intolerance. Of what? If just generally non Muslims then you’re talking bollocks as most Muslims aren’t fussed about others religions and do outreach programs with other religions. If talking about LGBT rights then I agree but once again this is not confined to Islam and has in the past been expressed by you.

    On FGM, it is a horrible act. However it is not problem from Islam. Across Africa and the middle East FGM is a problem but not also perpetrated by Christians and african tribes showing it to be cultural and not religious issue. Similar with honour killings which are also carried out by Hindus and Sikhs in India. Once again arranged (not forced) marriages are also cultural being commpnnin India and surrounding areas. Forced marriages are uncommon and should be challenged but are not a soley Islamic problem.

    Low economic contribution nonsense and the reason behind it (if it really exists beyond your prejudice) is discrimination against Muslims in the workplace.

    Sharia Law is in every Islamic country and lots of Muslims have no affinity towards. Also I oppose Saudi Arabia on many grounds including its tough judicial system. However not all islamic countries are like Saudia Arabia. You even praised Iran in an article I believe.

    On grooming Muslim criminals are proportional to their population size but they get extensive media scrutiny making them appear more numerous.

    On terrorism at the moment there is a problem with Islamic terrorism. However, most Muslims are not and do not support terrorism even in Islamic countries. In a recent survey the only place were significant support was discovered was Saudi Arabia and it was still a minority. Furthermore, other religions have had terrorists, Buddhist terrorists in Burma for example. Furthermore Islamic terrorism was not always present and like the anarchist terrorists in the early 20th century will dissapear. We are merely in a peak but it will not last forever and people will no longer associate terrorism with Muslims like we don’t associate terrorism with Irish Catholics.

    Hopefully, I have helped you learn something and have a good day Bruce.


  2. I doubt it. You’ve made some very general and bogus points. For instance you claim “On grooming Muslim criminals are proportional to their population” – utter nonsense. I cite Peter McLoughlin’s “Easy Meat” book which demonstrates that statistically a muslim is 170x more likely to commit such an offence as a non muslim. That’s how awful and on what scale these terrible crimes have been perpetuated. And you seek to minimize the actual harm and scale of the crime to make a point. You evil little tosser.

    I’m with the Buddhist terrorists you malign. They have every right to use any means to defend their lives, property and culture from islam. Islam, actually at the heart of 95% of terrorist outrages, 98% of FGM, 80% of honour killings and I would expect the majority of rape and sexual assault in the world, taking into account Sharia’s provision that a husband cannot rape his wife.

    Islam can only exist through terror. The very fact that it demands the death of dissenters is proof of that. But do keep trying to hide the realities of Sharia from everybody. Just don’t be surprised as fewer people fall for it.


  3. Bruce – its a pleasure to see you turn around in your opinions.

    As someone who threatened a video game forum with legal action over freespeech I’m glad you’ve done a u-turn – lovely to see.

    Its also good to see you’re no longer a rabid homophobe either as you’re attacking – rightly – the Islamic attitude towards gay people.

    Finally its good to see that as someone who one stated that women were snakes with tits and that you could understand exactly why Roal Moat did what he did that you’re finally coming out as a bit of a feminist.


    1. Mark O,

      You lie. I never threatened a video game forum with legal action over freespeech.
      You lie again I have never been a rabid homophobe.
      Snakes with tits is pure hyperbole. But you obviously wouldn’t know what that is.


  4. Nope. If anyone wants to contact me I have the email/forum message chain especially the lovely part where you stated that those of us who owned our own houses were in danger of losing them in the resulting legal furore if we didn’t aquiesce to your demands.. You repeatedly tweeted about how you think gays are unnatural.

    Your rant about how all women were snakes with tits and that Roal Moat was right was related to your ex. Your mysoginy and threats to that forum are legendary – even now because of your threats you still can’t be discussed there.

    I’m perfectly aware of what hyperbole is, hence my use of the phrase “rabid homophobe”. Your disdian and dislike of the opposite sex though is very clear for all to see. Your behaviour on the eurogamer forums towards women was also instrumental in leaving your last employer, as was a clear by your later having to state clearly that your views were NOT those of them. Despite your best efforts to eradicate the evidence I’m happy to say its widely documented and available.


    1. Mark O.

      You seem to have poor powers of comprehension. I merely stated that when a person causes commercial harm by publishing a lie they become liable for that damage. A fact that some people did not understand.


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