The left and Islam, some memes

BBC journos 650

Leftie liberal 650

Islam welcome 650

Islam Liberals #2 650

Islam calm rational people 650

Islam Christians 650

Islam multiculturalism 650

Islam Islamphobia 650

Islam bullet through head 650

Islam SJW truth 650

Islam MSM

Islam actions 650

Islam liberals 650

Islam Cameron 650

Islam fine 650

Islamophobia 650

Usually the left in Britain just want to destroy our economy with their grey, dystopian vision of regressive SJWism. This makes them both immoral and evil. But now they are much worse, now they want to destroy our very civilisation and culture, by not just allowing, but actually encouraging the Islamification of Great Britain. And these sort of lefties can be found in all the political parties.

They seem to think that Islam is a religion like any other. It isn’t, it is a way of life. Islam is utterly intolerant. Of women’s rights, of other religions, of Western liberalism, of minority rights, of Western law, of homosexuality, of freedom of speech. Islam is the religion of the Burqa, of Female Genital Mutilation, of terrorism, of Shariah Law, of Fatwas, of forced marriage, of Jihad, of honour crimes, of child rape and of violence against non believers. All utterly incompatible with the British way of life.

Not only are the left utterly in denial of the facts, despite the huge amount of evidence in front of their eyes, they are trying to close down all debate and discussion about the Islamification of Britain, from using the Police to persecute critics to frothing with political correctness on social media. The BBC are on their side and are busily engaged in social conditioning, brainwashing us all to welcome our fates under Islam.

These are very dangerous times for Great Britain because we are in great national peril and the enemy is within.

Racist hippie 500

Islam Hitchens 650



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