Why UKIP will succeed

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Whatever happens in the EU referendum UKIP will go from strength to strength, it could well become one of the two major parties in Britain. This article explains how and why.

Firstly UKIP is no longer seen as the party of repugnant bigotry. Professionalism and discipline have steadily transformed it so that it is respectable and mainstream. Being a UKIP voter is now something to be proud of when once it was seen as something to be ashamed of. They are now seen as the only mainstream party who are honoured to be British and who will stand up to the unelected bureaucrats in the EU, who now run most things in Britain.

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UKIP have done very well indeed in both lots of recent elections (and in the previous EU elections), but the mainstream press are choosing not to report this, UKIP are attracting voters from all the other parties, as they should. A proper British political party should represent all the people of Britain. This blog has analysed UKIPs election performances and you will be surprised at just how well they did, click on the highlighted text to open the articles: UKIP’s success in the 2015 General Election  and UKIP’s success in the 2016 elections.

What is helping UKIP enormously is that all the other major parties are in total disarray, close to melt down. All of them are losing voters very rapidly. And they deserve to.

The Conservative government is far closer to being Blairite than to being Conservative and, amazingly, they punish successful people in society far more than Blair and Brown ever did, which is a disgrace. But the EU elections have been their new nadir. Cameron and Osborne are resolutely pro EU when the vast majority of Conservative party members are anti EU. The pair have run a dirty campaign based on Project Fear lies and have gone to war against their own colleagues. Another disgrace. If there were an election tomorrow many traditional Conservative voters would not vote Conservative. The parliamentary and constituency parties are incredibly unhappy and the party is in real trouble. UKIP look a very attractive proposition in comparison.

The Liberal Democrats are finished, utterly irrelevant to British life with a leader who nobody is even aware of.

The Labour Party are now totally controlled by a dogma driven London elite and they have no understanding of, or even any concern for, the working man. They have massively alienated their core vote and in propagating mass immigration they have done more to erode the quality of life of British working people than anything else post WW2. Minimum wage has become standard wage for huge swathes of society thanks to the Labour Party. UKIP are now far closer to the British working man, their policies far better represent his hopes, aspirations, fears and beliefs, which is why Labour are hemorrhaging support to UKIP.

Not only that, Labour are, indisputably, the party of Islam in Britain. Click on this highlighted text for full analysis of this. And most British people think, quite rightly, that Islam is incompatible with the British way of life. The Islamic erosion of our culture is being aided and abetted by all the political parties, except for UKIP. If we want to pass on a liberal, tolerant society to our children and grandchildren then we will fail with current policies, both Labour and the Conservatives are anti Britain and anti Britishness.

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In Scotland we have passed peak SNP. They are the party of lies, thuggery, sleaze and bad governance. Increasingly decent, educated people see how immoral and useless they are and are deserting them. So the Scottish political landscape will return to being more like the English one, which, for the reasons already stated, favours UKIP.

So there you have it, the psephology is currently excellent for UKIP, due to a whole raft of reasons. Partly because of their own policies and attitudes, partly because of the abject failure of all the other parties.




      1. But would you if the GE was tomorrow?


        1. Kim_John_Un

          Possibly. You don’t know what you would do in such circumstances till they happen.
          Both Conservatives and UKIP have upsides and downsides, these need weighing against one another.


        2. Depends what constituency you’re in. Some candidates have a chance of winning some have virtually impossible chances of winning. If UKIP got 4 million voters under FPTP then I reckon they’d get more like 8 million if we had a proportional system, simply because everyone knows that while we’ve still got FPTP the votes count for nothing. Then again UKIP came 2nd in so many seats in 2015 that means that they’re now the opposition for that seat, they’re the choice that constituency has if they want to vote against the 1st party. So in those seats they actually have a chance.


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