Turkey is an immense problem for the world

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To understand what is going on in Turkey today you really have to know a bit of history. Without this knowledge you will have no understanding whatsoever.

Modern Turkey is the creation, the invention, of one man. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He was a great military genius and one of the greatest political superstars of all time. He took on all the world’s great powers and beat them to create the current, modern nation.

Before World War One most of the Middle East and much surrounding land was one country, called the Ottoman Empire, run by one man, the Sultan. Whilst nominally Islamic the Ottomans tolerated all other religions. Far more so than the countries that have replaced them. But the Ottomans were on the losing side of the war and the winning countries planned to break it up into spheres of interest, just as they did with the Hapsburg Austro Hungarian Empire. Look at the Treaty of Sèvres to see some their plans.

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Ataturk was a senior army officer and he said no to all this. He set about fighting the Turkish war of Independence from 1919 to 1922, taking on all the great powers. And he won, thus creating Turkey.

Ataturk was brilliant in the way he ran the new country, he made it Westward looking with huge social and economic advances. He moved the capital from Istanbul to Ankara, so the country couldn’t be held to ransom by a gunboat. He protected Turkey from totalitarianism, fascism and communism, which were all popular in the world at that time. He adopted the Western calendar. He adopted the Roman alphabet instead of Arabic script. He educated the nation, starting from nearly zero to Western standards.  He emancipated women. He created a modern secular country.

But Ataturk’s biggest problem was Islam, he realised that it was barbaric, intolerant and primitive. So he build a completely secular state, with a Western style legal system. He abolished the Caliphate, the Islamic religious leadership. He closed the religious schools. Turkey became the only civilised Islamic country in history.

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As an army officer Ataturk made the army the final guarantor of democracy. The army’s job was to take over whenever any government started to become undemocratic or tried to re-introduce Islam into politics. Over the years they did this on a few occasions and the constant threat of them doing so kept the politicians on the straight and narrow. As part of Ataturk’s legacy Turkey built up one of the best armies in the world. Their armed forces consist of 640,000 with 380,000 reserves, all very highly trained and very well equipped. They were vital to NATO during the Cold War, preventing Soviet expansion in the Eastern Mediterranean.

All was rosy in the garden that is Turkey until along came Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a corrupt, totalitarian, Islamic megalomaniac. He was Prime Minister of Turkey from 2003 to 2014, since when he has been president. He set about reversing everything that Ataturk had done, so as to ensure his absolute, totalitarian rule. He constantly breaches the Turkish constitution with total impunity, there is nobody to stop him doing so. He is the worst kind of dictator. He has even built a 1,000 room palace and a private zoo for himself.

Human rights are abused, with extra judicial killings being quite normal. Critical journalists end up dead or in prison. Newspapers and broadcast media that are in any way critical are closed down or taken over by the state. Only journalism that praises Erdogan is allowed. And the internet is heavily censored. The people of Turkey do not know the truth. As if this doesn’t endure he wins all elections, he also engages in electoral fraud on a massive scale. By giving more and more power to Islam he has all the Mullahs on his side, telling their worshipers to vote Erdogan. So Turkey is now a very long way away from being a democracy. Erdogan has copied Putin every step of the way. And the weak Western leaders have looked the other way.

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So where is the Army? Neutered is the answer. He has imprisoned or removed every senior office who wasn’t in his pocket. The choice is clear to army officers now, become pro Erdogan and get promoted, oppose Erdogan and go to jail.

Which brings us to the two competing theories about last week’s coup. The first is that it was bungled and that the conspirators underestimated the power of social media and the power of the Mullahs to put people on the street.

The second (more likely) theory is that the coup was engineered by Erdogan, using agent provocateurs. He can now use it as a pretext to enforce absolute rule. Which is what he has done ever since it was overthrown. His actions have been so thorough and far ranging that they must have been premeditated.

So where does that lead us?

Firstly Erdogan is highly unpredictable and unstable. He was a danger before, now we really don’t know what he will do. He has repeatedly claimed ownership of many Greek islands, for instance, and regularly sends combat aircraft over them. This is a flashpoint waiting to ignite.

Secondly Turkey is the route for millions of migrants into Europe. Many have claimed that Erdogan facilitates the migrant flow in order to Islamify Europe. Which is probable. So how will the EU handle this with a belligerent Erdogan?

Thirdly Turkey has immense military power. Erdogan is blaming the USA for the coup attempt. This and the disappearance of democracy could see Turkey kicked out of NATO and becoming even more of a lose cannon in the region.

Fourthly Western tourists are really not safe in Turkey any more. With ISIS bombs it was bad enough, but now we have seen AKP lynch mobs out on the street, wound up by their Mullahs. They attack anyone who they think isn’t a fan of Erdogan and that could very easily mean Westerners.

Fifth, many Western companies have built factories and Turkey was en route to EU membership. All this now looks very silly as Turkey sinks back into becoming the next Egypt.

Sixth. Erdogan has been a huge covert supporter of ISIS. Will he now become an overt supporter?

We really do live in very interesting times, and not in a good way. The situation in Turkey is only going to go one way, and that is downhill. It is a matter now of how much collateral damage Erdogan causes as he runs amok.





  1. Yeah right! This is all false information and the west media and governments want to control not only turkey but all Middle East countries! Erdoghan is a Turkish muslim. This is his identity. Turkey is a Muslim country! What does the west wants? Regarding Isis Turkey and all western allies use Turkish basis to bomb Isis. So? Last but not least Erdogan is an elected president. During the coup ppl went to the streets to protect him! What does the west want? Execute a coup like in Egypt and install another puppit?


    1. —-Yeah right! This is all false information

      nope this is true information and a lucid analysis

      —-and the west media and governments want to control not only turkey but all Middle East countries!

      western countries could no care less of that. the western countries just don’t like when a crazy deranged dictator who command over one of the biggest army on the planet get mad and goes on the loose, is umpredicable and dangerous and too many people lives are at risk under his whim. got it?

      —-Erdogan is a Turkish muslim. This is his identity. Turkey is a Muslim country!

      is so slippery here. is so slippery.
      if Turkey is a muslim country that fine, is Turkey is a muslim country but with half of its inhabitants who think that is not, and they get jailed for their ideal Turkey is theocratic dictature.

      —-What does the west wants?

      that Erdogan stop pissing over human’s rights and stop his state coup, the fact that a coup against him has falied don’t give him the authorization to do another coup by himself.
      Erdogan must punish and deal with opposition in the boundary of the costitution.

      —-Regarding Isis Turkey and all western allies use Turkish basis to bomb Isis. So?

      Erdogan is suspected to have a secret agreement with isis, to damage kurds

      —-Last but not least Erdogan is an elected president.

      the costitution of turkey doen’t not allow elected presidents to perform a state coup, ironically the costitution does allow the army to do so.
      the fact that Erdogan is an elected president matter zero right in the moment he stepped outside the limit of the power the constitution grant to the president.

      you cannot use the law only to justify Erdogan, at the same time disregard the law when Erdogan violate it to deal with the opposition.
      too easy.

      —-During the coup ppl went to the streets to protect him!

      yes Erdogan asked the people who believed in him to go out and die for him, (because that what should have happened) while he was hidden inside an civil airplane possibly using clueless passegers as human shield to save his butt.
      the Army jet could not shoot him down, they didn’t know if there was other people on that plane too.
      basically the coup has failed because the Army, (turkish youngs), REFUSED the shoot the plane and over the mob in the street to avoid a bloodbath.
      is funny because that show that the young generation in the turkysh army are much more close to western principles than one could assume.
      Erdogan just got lucky.

      —-What does the west want? Execute a coup like in Egypt and install another puppit?

      Claim such this one require good proofs.
      an italian student has been killed and tortured by the forces of the regime in Egypt and they blatantly lied to Italy when the country asked proofs for the investigations, and so Italy closed its enbassy in Egypt, and this is just one of the many case of murder.
      why a puppet of the wester countries should kill foreign people and lie to the western countries, instead of collaborate?


      the work of brainwash on you was a good one. go back and kiss the feet of your sultan dictator in Ankara he is going to throw Turkey back 100 years, at the fullest detriment of his population for the sake of his ego.


    2. Thanks for asking. We would be grateful if you could make something approximating an argument. Ideally, this will be constructed using correct grammar and also will include things called ‘points’. When refuting an argument this would be best served by delivering this with ‘evidence’. In ideal circumstances this will be transmitted without spelling mistakes.


  2. I did not vote for AKP but let me say something. Turkey has a population of 99% muslim people. You can check the link: https://tr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ülkelere_göre_Müslüman_nüfusu

    Of course some part is more seculer some more islamist. But no one suffers here. People can drink alcohol whenevet they want, no one pushes noone to cover their head, we have many pubs and clubs. There is no crusial restriction in this country we can wear or speak freely beleive or not. By the way ı am not covering my head and noone makes me to do so. Actually still some muslim people suffer here. Some companies do not accept them just because of their appearance.

    Tel me only one thing that u can not do in Turkey and you think that threats your life style.

    Be more objective. I can understand that Turkey is not the place that u want it to be. It is not as secular as you want it to be. I am sorry but this is what we are. Muslim people established ottoman empire and our roots thankfully coming from this great empire. You have to accep and live with that.

    If not, beleive me, we are ready to die for our counrty as our acestors did!


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