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David Cameron 650

Today the UK loses one of its great Prime Ministers. Far, far better than Major, Heath, Callaghan, Blair, Wilson and Brown who were all, in their different ways, abject failures. His time in power has been one of incredible successes, which we will all benefit from for a very long time to come. To give balance to this appraisal both the successes and failings are listed. (Click on highlighted text to open supporting articles).

The good things:

  • Rebuilt Britain after it had been destroyed by 13 years of Labour misrule. Gordon Brown left the UK in a parlous state with a trashed economy and public services (including education and the NHS) that were going down the toilet. Cameron rescued us from this. A huge and magnificent achievement.
  • Economic success. Remarkable really. Deficit cut by two thirds, highest growth in the G7 for the last three years, nearly 3 million new jobs created. Considering that our largest trading partner, the EU, has been economically depressed since 2009 this is quite amazing.
  • All the SJW stuff. Massively increasing personal income tax allowances to benefit low earners, greatly increasing social mobility (it went down under Labour), progressive taxation (Labour’s taxation was regressive), vast reduction in unemployment. Cameron is a one nation Conservative and he did what he said he would do.
  • Destroyed the Labour Party. Margaret Thatcher mortally wounded them, she said that the election of Tony Blair was her greatest achievement. Cameron finished the job off by parking his tanks right across the centre ground of British politics. This left Labour with nowhere else to go but towards the unelectable left. Firstly to the very far left with Miliband, then to the extremist nutter left with Corbyn. Socialism is pure evil so this is brilliant stuff.
  • Rebuilding the Conservative Party. By selecting candidates for the 2010 and 2015 intake who are the highest calibre in terms of their knowledge, ability and intelligence the Conservatives have the most talented cadre of MPs ever in their history. The old Sir Bufton Tufton generation of Conservative MPs are very largely gone. Britain will benefit from this for a long time to come.
  • Vast improvement in public services, especially the NHS and primary and secondary education.
  • Keeping the UK together. Defeating the idiotic Scottish nationalists in a referendum, keeping Northern Ireland on the peaceful rails and steadily improving the situation in Wales. The Union is very important to him and it showed.
  • What may prove to be Cameron’s greatest triumph, refusing to take any of the migrant swarm pouring into Europe through Greece and Italy. This has saved us from an immense crime epidemic, phenomenal costs and continuous high levels of terrorism. France and Germany were daft enough to take them in and are paying the cost.

The bad things:

  • Unnecessary military engagement. His actions in Libya led to a failed state with continuous civil war and thus to increased terrorism and increased illegal immigration. 30 British tourists were murdered in Sousse as a direct result.
  • Failing to reform the British Army after its catastrophic failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bloated senior officer corps are for an Army 10 times the size and need a severe cull.
  • Punishing success. Very large numbers of successful British people leave to earn their money abroad because they are taxed far too heavily here. This costs the UK many tens, maybe hundreds of billions a year.
  • Failed transport policy. HS2 is a white elephant vanity project. Meanwhile Heathrow ran out of slots in 1977 and has lost immense amounts of business to Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. We desperately need a 6 runway airport in the South East. And our roads are congested well past the point of causing economic damage, a huge road building programme is essential.
  • The worst failing of the lot. Failure to reign in the NIMBYs to allow the house building we need. Housing costs are now out of control, damaging the life quality of tens of millions. This is an utter disgrace.
  • Allowing the Zionist take over of the Conservative Party. They have bought it with hard cash provided by Conservative Friends of Israel. So now our policies are subservient to a fascist, apartheid, pariah state. The immorality of this is incredible and is utterly at odds with the Conservative ethos or with basic human decency.
  • Uncontrolled immigration. EU migrants with jobs have added to our economy and culture, but hundreds of thousand are here to abuse our benefits system and public services. Worst of all nothing has been done to control the flood of non EU immigration, which is leading to the Islamification of Great Britain, damaging the very core of our society and its values.
  • Dumbing down of university education. A liberal arts degree from a polytechnic university is worth less than an old style A level and doesn’t even qualify its holder to flip burgers. Our universities are hotbeds of misguided lefties because lecturers are mostly people who have failed in the real world. Generation Snowflake really need to get a grip. The slide started under Blair/Brown but Cameron did nothing to stop it.
  • Brexit. Cameron had the worst bad judgement day of his life and utterly lost the plot with five huge political failings (listed here). He went native with the enemy and destroyed his own Prime Ministership. The catastrophic lack of judgement was terminal to his continued office.

As you can see the plusses far outweigh the minuses. However looking at Cameron’s failings tells you many of the things that Theresa May needs to fix. Whether she is capable of doing so is a different matter. We will see.


  1. If he’d have been neutral or campaigned for leaving the EU and then when we’d voted to leave, completed the leave process, he would have been the prime minister who got us our independence back, which in my opinion would have made him one of the greatest prime ministers in history. Then again we did actually end up leaving thanks to him having the referendum, so although people might remember him for this “failure” he’ll be secretly one of the greatest prime ministers we’ve had.

    Maybe he only campaigned to remain because it was the easy choice for him. I can’t see any other reason why politicians would want to remain other than it makes their job easier.


  2. Wot Arran Fortuna said. Spot on.

    His legacy will be the Prime Minister that allowed us to leave the EU (assuming we do it) and, in time, that will prove to be an immense blessing. No doubt whatsoever about that.


  3. He will only be remembered for brexit I’m afraid


  4. I want Britain Properly out of the EU Forever, I LOVE BREXIT- Always will. Thank You David
    Cameron- You are the Best Really! Thank You Bruce Everiss, You are a Breath of Fresh AIR!!
    Thank You for the HOPE You have given me, I was LOSING HOPE FAST Before You, NOW PLEASE LET US LEAVE THAT AWFUL EU SMARTLEY, Can You Please Tell
    Theresa May WHAT BRITAIN REALLY NEEDS – OUT!!!!! I want to email this and The other
    “What does Brexit Mean” To My Son His Wife and Daughter Who all Voted Leave with us,
    But I can’t send them to Him Because I have OUTLOOK for my emails, Not Gmail, Is there
    a chance You could put this right for us PLEASE Bruce, Thank You FOREVER!!!!!!!


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