How the British establishment are trying to avoid Brexit

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The Brexit referendum on 23 June was won by the leave the EU voters, with a majority of 1,269,501. This means that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty should be invoked immediately so that the democratic wishes of the British people can be honoured. But this isn’t going to happen. David Cameron has passed the buck to his successor and Theresa May, one of the candidates to replace him, says that she would not do it this year.

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The problem we have is that most Conservative and most Labour MPs want to remain. So do nearly all newspapers and so does the BBC. All of these have refused to accept the will of the British people and they are all still campaigning flat out to keep us in. They are trying their very best to brainwash the British people into changing their minds. Conservative MPs used dirty tricks to try and prevent Andrea Leadsom becoming a leadership candidate, because she is the person most likely to succeed with Brexit. They do this at their peril because the referendum statistics say that most of them have been elected in Eurosceptic constituencies who could become very unhappy with their behaviour. More dirty tricks have been used to try and pour doubt on Andrea’s achievements and abilities. These have been soundly rebutted by Andrea but the dirty tricks persist. The Europhiles are desperate and definitely don’t respect democracy, otherwise they wouldn’t be Europhiles.

Conservative dirty tricks SMS
Conservative dirty tricks SMS

The bad losers of the Establishment are using a number of tactics to try and nullify what the British people want. Firstly they say say that the winning margin was small.  1,269,501 people small. This is just disrespectful of the democratic process and you have to ask would they be saying this if the vote had gone the other way by a similar margin. Remember that in a General Election this majority would have produced a landslide. Their second tactic is to say that the voters didn’t know what they were voting for. This is a huge insult and slur on the British people. Yes, some people are ignorant about all the issues (Generation Snowflake, for instance) but that is true of any election and is just part of democracy. Not every voter devotes their life to political research. But the vast majority of voters were certainly sufficiently informed to make considered decisions. Their third tactic is to demand a re-run, presumably followed by more re-runs till they get the result they want (the SNP method). Tax dodging Richard Branson has demanded this and has had a recent meeting with Theresa May, presumably to discuss it. Once again you have to ask if the losers would be asking for this if they had won.

Another tactic the Europhiles are openly discussing is to fudge Article 50. To give us EU lite. To deny the British people what they have voted for whilst paying the lip service of going through  the motions. So when they say Brexit is Brexit they don’t mean what you think they mean. This is incredibly dangerous. Only Andrea is promoting the positive vision of a life outside the EU where we will all be better off. Already India, China, the USA and a host of other countries say they want to rush through trade deals with us. The referendum has put us in the strongest position we have been in since WW2. Note how the Europhile establishment are not telling you this.

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The Establishment need to be very careful indeed. UKIP came second, often by small margins, in lots of seats at the last general election. Already they are poised to replace Labour in many Northern seats at the next election. If the democratic majority are denied true Brexit they will severely punish both Labour and the Conservatives. We will get a UKIP government. If you doubt that just look at the last General Election results in detail and the referendum results in detail.

With the Conservative leadership election we are effectively having a re-run of the referendum, but this time with around just 150,000 voters. Theresa May is a Europhile, she wants to be in the EU, she has said so many times and campaigned to stay in. The Conservative MPs really like this which is why she got most of their votes. Andrea Leadsom speaks for the country, she is a Eurosceptic because of the hard work she has put into researching all the issues with the Fresh Start Project which she founded and ran. Andrea knows more about the EU than virtually every other British politician and she wants out.

So it is startlingly clear. If the democratic vote and intention of the British people is to be honoured then the only way to achieve this is with Andrea Leadsom as Prime Minister.



  1. Your observations and conclusions seem to me to be absolutely on the money. I had previously looked at the map of 2nd parties in the 2015 GE – but, strangely, only for Scotland. If we imagine that much of Labour will be damaged in N. England, Midlands and East Anglia, post referendum, it paints a stark picture for Labour and Conservatives.

    From my own personal experience of the referendum, with one stellar Conservative exception, virtually all the legwork in Devon and Cornwall was done by Ukippers. The other two parties need to be careful of losing all support from the electorate.


  2. Absolutely sums the situation up perfectly. I have been saying that Tory Members, when confronted with a Mother (fact) and a Woman who called those same Members “Nasty” (fact) will decide clearly and strongly.


  3. “For many people, the Brexit campaign feels, for one brief moment, like the first time they have had control. But the clue is in the word “brief”. Once the vote is over, it will be the rightwing Tories in control. Ask Ukip; ask Boris Johnson: will Brexit guarantee a rise in wages, a cap on rents, a fall in NHS waiting times or class sizes? Ask the leave camp to put targets on these things – not for the longterm, but within 12-18 months. They can’t.” – Paul Mason

    The left-wing and centrist establishment may have been given a sound drubbing with Brexit, but the right-wing establishment is giddy. The will use Brexit to further their own ends. The working class will be left holding the short straw.


    1. tapwewinamisk,

      Class warfare. LOL. We are all middle class now.


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