World War 3 has started

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Over the last few decades we have let more and more Muslims into Europe and they committed the occasional terrorist act, as Muslims do, but we still kept on letting them in. Our politicians could not learn the lesson that was right in front of them. Now Muslims comprise approximately 10% of UK population. Nobody knows for sure, it is so long since we had a census and most of the million plus illegals are Muslim. But whatever the percentage is, it will continue to increase until we are a Muslim nation, this is inevitable because they keep on being let in and because they breed far more than the native population.

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But now things have suddenly got a lot worse, for two reasons, the first of which we brought upon ourselves. Military action by Muslims for centuries has taken two forms, the Near War, against each other and the Far War, against the West. These were seen as very separate, Al Qaeda, for instance, concentrated on the Far War. And ISIS, in Syria and Iraq were only interested in the Near War, building a Caliphate. They said this repeatedly. But still we attacked them.

We started bombing and killing ISIS on 8 August 2014. ISIS had not taken a single action against any Western country before then. But on 19 August 2014 they killed James Wright Foley in retaliation. They only started the Far War against us because we started it. So now when people are killed on a daily basis in France and Germany remember that it was caused by our aggressive politicians meddling in other people’s business by attacking them and killing them.

The reason that the ISIS retaliation against us was not immediate is because it takes time, lots of time. To train people, to get them into position in Europe, to get their munitions and money into place, to plan each individual attack and so on. ISIS were very open and told us that they were doing this well before that actions started. They smuggled their fighters into the West amongst the migrant swarm, they told us they were doing this too, our military and security people said they were doing it, journalists said they were doing it. But our politicians didn’t believe it. In 2015 there were 1.8 million illegal people entering Europe. So ISIS have easily smuggled in a few hundred, even a few thousand of their fighters.

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The second problem is that we let in lots of Muslims to Europe. This looks very much like it was part of a plan by Islamic leaders, such as President Erdogan, to Islamify the West, they created the migrant swarm. And the Mulims who came here weren’t educated Turks, they were primitive tribal people who believe the Koran literally. So they believe that it is their duty to gang rape white girls and to kill leaders from other religions. They all believe this, it is part of their religion. More than 1,000 white girls were sexually assaulted in one evening in and around Cologne Railway Station. The Muslims enjoyed themselves.

What Muslims believe
What Muslims believe

Islam is totally incompatible with Western civilisation. Although many of us are now atheists the values we live our lives to are a set of morals and social beliefs that come from Christianity. Let’s look at the differences:

  • To Islam a human life has no value. It belongs to Allah, so death has no importance. Often they are happy to die.
  • Our religion, legal system, education system and political system are each very separate and deliberately kept that way. In Islam they are all the same thing.
  • Islam is the religion of conquest, of perpetual war to make the whole world Islamic. This is what they are trying to do, they have a religious duty to do so.
  • In the West we have individual, personal rights, such as the freedom of speech. A Muslim has no rights, everything belongs to the religion.
  • In the West tolerance is the norm. We tolerate what other people believe and what their lifestyle is. Islam has zero tolerance, women are chattels, homosexuality must be punished by death and freedom of speech is just not allowed.
  • Western countries have secular societies, where there are many religions. This is not allowed in Muslim countries. Apostates are killed.
  • In the West our countries, our national identities, always come before our religions. It is more important to be German than to be a Protestant. To Muslims the reverse is true. The religion always comes first.

All the above mean that it isn’t just ISIS we are up against. We are up against all Muslims. As you can see from the daily atrocities, some of these ISIS take credit for and the ISIS links are found by investigators. But others are nothing to do with ISIS, they are just Muslims doing what Muslims do. And just because Muslims who you know personally are “nice” people doesn’t mean they won’t commit these acts. Neighbours of the perpetrators of these crimes always say that they were “nice” people. The fact is that so long as you have any Muslims in a population there will be terrorism. The only answer is zero Muslims and we aren’t going to do that. So welcome to the world of endless terrorism. Not just here in Europe, but everywhere there are Muslims. Russia, America, India. This really is World War 3.

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Our biggest problems are the liberals in our society who are so ignorant that they think that Muslims are the same as us, when really Muslims are the enemy. We didn’t fight all those crusades without good reason. The liberals welcome and encourage our enemies to come and live amongst us, only for them to then kill us. As we see every day now. Our liberals must take a lot of the blame for the current terrorist acts.

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The amazing thing is that we are so tolerant that the European public have done nothing about this yet. A few Muslims have been called names in the street or been rude to on the social media. It is obvious that ISIS want a response from the Western public so as to create a greater Muslim uprising here, with open combat on the streets. It is because of this that your mainstream media; the BBC, Sky, ITV, the daily papers etc are all playing it down. A Muslim drives a truck into a crowd and kills more than 80 people and they blame the truck. And the perpetrators are Asian, Middle Eastern or North African, when really they are all Muslim and the religion of Islam is why they are doing it.

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The Muslims are going to be very surprised by how and when we do react, because they don’t understand our liberal freedoms. Being civilised Westerners we will deal with the Muslims by using the ballot box. We will vote out the liberal politicians who caused the problem. Merkel is toast. And we will vote for politicians who will deal with it. Marine le Pen is the next President of France.

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There are two policies we will use. The first is repatriation. Very many Muslims will be returned to where they came from. The second is integration, trying to Westernise the Muslims, even though this is incredibly difficult. We must close the Wahhabi and other extremist mosques, close their propaganda “education” organisations, close all Muslim schools, ban the Burqa and have zero tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage and honour crimes. If we do not do these things we are only storing up huge trouble for the future.

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  1. In other news, tinfoil stocks are rising rapidly.


  2. What this post says will happen. People will vote for reform (i.e. greater assimilation and/or deportation of high risk individuals etc). It’s already happening in some countries.


  3. The Irony being of course the Nazis warned you of all this, but you took no heed. When you have worn out your Churchill flag from all the waving, you might start realizing, Hitler was the last leader Europeans had.


    1. Always nice to see someone with a clue, amongst all the idiots. Well said Praymychild.


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