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Brexit 11 650

Angela Merkel is the worst think to happen to Europe since World War 2. She made the small recession of 2008 into a major crisis that has depressed EU economies for 7 years, she has become de facto autocratic president of an EU that is increasingly undemocratic and self serving, she eviscerated the economy of Greece to the point that it is no longer viable, she brought us very close to the brink of nuclear war with Russia over the Ukraine, and, worst of all, she has destroyed European civilisation and culture by handing our countries over to Islam. Muslims may be the minority now but it is a demographic certainty that they will eventually become a majority, whereupon we non Muslims will experience their intolerance and illiberalism.

Islam military aged Merkel 650

Merkel Oh shit 650

Charlie meme 650

Merkel mad 650

Merkel Nazi 650

Merkel the future of Europe 650

Merkel 650

Merkel Clinton 650

Merkel Communist 650

Merkel crushed by Britain 650

Merkel dangerous 650

Merkel Erdogan 650

Merkel EU is the problem 650

Merkel Hitler 650

Merkel Muslim Rapist 650

Merkel muss weg 650

Merkel Obama 650

Merkel Rapists 650

Merkel selfie 650

Merkel traitor 650

Merkel white Europe 650

And now a special bonus feature, make your own Angel Merkel meme. Take an easy to use online meme generator, here (click) or here (click) then apply it to this eminently meme worthy image:

Merkel naked 650





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