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In the last 100 years the two main US political parties have never both put up such dire presidential candidates at the same time. They are so execrably bad that their own parties are split about even supporting them and all the opinion polls say that the US public is disgusted with the choice.

Clinton has become very rich in interesting ways. She has committed severe, arrestable crimes and is a tool of global corporatism and the deep state. She is one of those misguided fools who think that the government is the answer to every problem, when usually it is the government that is the problem. And she is a lefty, wanting to mire the USA down in policies that are proven to destroy wealth creation.

Trump is an immense egotist who opens his mouth before engaging his brain. Him being president would be like giving a monkey a hand grenade to play with. He knows absolutely nothing about government and most of his “policies” (often made up on the spur of the moment) would cause real harm. There is no knowing the scale of the disasters he would lead America into.

Not only that, he is 68 and she is 70. Add 8 years and you can see that they would both get quite old in their presidency. And both don’t look at all medically well, Clinton especially.

But the American people have a very interesting and far better choice on their ballot papers, Gary Johnson, ex governor of New Mexico. Let’s take a closer look at him:

  • Born 1953, so just 63 years old. After 8 years in office he would still be younger than Clinton is now.
  • At school he was on the track team. He is a naturally athletic man. He is still an avid triathlete who bikes extensively. On May 30, 2003, he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Worked his way through university, by being a door to door handyman.
  • Attended the University of New Mexico from 1971 to 1975 gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in political science.
  • On leaving university he founded a construction company,  Big J Enterprises, which he grew to employ more than 1,000 people.
  • He sold this business in 1999 making him a self made multi millionaire.
  • From January 1995 to December 2002, he served as the Governor of the State of New Mexico, and was the first governor in the history of New Mexico to be elected for two consecutive four year terms.
  • He was ranked among the nation’s seven top governors in each of the Cato Institute’s fiscal report cards between 1996 and 2002.
  • Johnson believes that government is there to serve the people (Clinton believes the exact opposite) so he cut the 10% annual growth in the budget, in part being strong enough to use of the gubernatorial veto 200 times during his first six months in office.
  • Johnson is a big supporter of civil liberties, as you would expect, and received the highest score of any candidate from the American Civil Liberties Union for supporting drug decriminalisation while opposing censorship and regulation of the Internet, the Patriot Act, enhanced airport screenings, and the indefinite detention of prisoners.
  • After serving the maximum allowed two terms, in 2009 he founded the non-profit Our America Initiative, a think tank and lobbying group, to promote policies such as free enterprise, foreign non-interventionism, limited government and privatisation.

Gary Johnson really has it all, a natural athlete, an academic, a very successful businessman and a brilliant politician. His 8 successful years as governor proved that he governed to make everyone’s life better and to generate wealth and jobs. Remember that Trump and Clinton have zero experience of governance and you can see how immense the gulf is.

So why isn’t Johnson on all the news programmes? Mainly he just doesn’t have the immense campaign funding and huge political machines that Trump and Clinton have. Also he is not a highly polished media machine like they are. Which is a huge pity because he is the only candidate worth voting for. If some powerful, rich people got behind him now he could easily win. The alternatives really are so execrable.

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