Who should we take outside and shoot?

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In many countries of the world these days people are finding that they have become dead, without any due legal process, because they are inconvenient to the state. Turkey, Egypt and Russia, for instance, where it is quite common. And even, it could be argued, the USA.

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So what if we were to apply this process to the UK by shooting those who really do cause harm to everyone else. Who should go in front of the firing squads?

Strikers. On the trains, teachers, bus crews and in the NHS. These are all political strikes, their leaders want a Corbyn government. They cause immense, disproportionate harm to others.  If these workers don’t like their current jobs then there are plenty more vacancies in the market. And they are already vastly over rewarded. Train staff are paid approximately double what their semi skilled jobs are worth. And with modern technology these rail employees are not even necessary. We don’t require a man carrying a red flag to walk in front of road vehicles any more.

Islamists. These people come to our country as guests and once here they want to use violence to destroy our civilisation and culture. Replacing it with their own primitive barbarity. They have zero tolerance and pre-emptive shooting would solve a big problem.

NIMBYs. These people are so greedy that the value of their home comes before the life quality of every one else in society. They are despicable scum.

Freemasons. People join this semi religion so as to gain advantage over non freemasons by looking after each other before everything else, including the law. This organisation is utterly corrupt and immoral. Because it operates in secret we have no idea how massive the extent of their power and control is. Shooting them would have the added advantage of getting rid of most of our politicians.

Socialists. These envy driven scum expect the government to steal from successful people so as to reward unsuccessful people. They occupy the lowest possible moral ground and the cancer of their cult has cause incredible damage to Great Britain, far more than both World Wars combined.

Recidivist career criminals. When they are in prison they cost us a fortune, when they are out of prison they cause society immense harm. These criminals go through life making a living from causing damage to other people.

The Windsors. Immense entitlement, power and privilege purely as an accident of birth. Incredible wealth, all extracted from us. Unbelievable undemocratic political power. The sooner we have an elected president the better.

BBC management. These people have unbelievable power, about 50% of the total UK news reach plus all their drama output (the Archers is pure propaganda). And they misuse this to brainwash us with their own utterly misguided world view. Multiculturalism, diversity, political correctness, warmist pseudoscience, statism and so many more evils. This is social conditioning on an immense scale and it has trashed British values and culture. They are perniciously dangerous.

Cigarette Smokers. All recreational drugs should be legal, the people we elect have no business telling us what we can’t put into our bodies. But cigarette smokers are the very worst drug addicts, they go through life poisoning other people, mainly their family and friends. This results in wide scale illness and thousands of UK deaths every year.

As you can see this would be a very good start and would make Britain a far better place overnight. We should start a petition demanding a referendum on this.


  1. This piece is nasty, spiteful and ignorant even by your usual standards.


    1. Hey Kim, some education for you:

      Hyperbole (ˈ/haɪˈpɜːrbÉ™li/; Greek: ὑπερβολή, huperbolḗ, from ὑπέρ (hupér, “above”) and βάλλω (bállō, “I throw”)) is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. In rhetoric, it is also sometimes known as auxesis (lit. “growth”). In poetry and oratory, it emphasizes, evokes strong feelings, and creates strong impressions. As a figure of speech, it is usually not meant to be taken literally.[1][2]


  2. I know – anyone who asks “Who should we take outside and shoot?” …


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