No British political party is worth voting for

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Margaret Thatcher must be spinning in her grave at the current, disgusting, state of British politics. It no longer represents the voters, the politicians of all parties knowingly don’t take the best actions for Great Britain. Vested interests and discredited dogma have taken over from good governance. Politically we are at one of the low spots in our history. Let’s look at the parties.


Historically the Labour Party has been incompetent at best and has always caused immense harm to this country. Here are the articles proving this (click on the highlighted text to open article):

Attlee, a disaster for Great Britain.
Who on Earth would ever vote Labour?
Labour’s 10 great achievements.
How Labour repeatedly trashed the NHS.
Socialism explained.

Look at the facts and Labour are unquestionably the true nasty party. But things have recently gone from very bad to a lot worse. The party is now led by a dim extremist who is utterly unelectable. Labour is now just a badly led protest group and is more than 10 years away from even looking like a government in waiting. A split between the left wingers and the extremists is inevitable. It really would take a very ignorant person to vote for this shambles.


Just as the Labour Party has been taken over by the extremist lefties, so the Conservatives have been taken over by the Zionists and the Freemasons, who now completely run the party in their own narrow interests.

The Conservative party’s greatest shame.

But that is not all, the Conservatives have made many immense mistakes:

  • Actively supporting the eventual Islamic takeover of Britain. Theresa May supports Sharia Law and is responsible for a tidal wave of Islamic immigration.
  • Not reducing the state. On the scale from socialist to libertarian they are well to the left. They shouldn’t be. The Conservative party is now far more Blairite than it is Thatcherite.
  • Deliberately restricting the housing supply. This makes their core voters richer, happier and more likely to vote. Everyone else suffers.
  • HS2. This is an immense white elephant vanity project which serves no function other than to be a bottomless pit for taxpayer’s money.
  • Not building the 6 runway hub airport we desperately need. Other countries now take billions from us every week because of this immense failing.
  • Not building our road infrastructure. Journey times have become ridiculous, wasting billions of working days every year.
  • Not breaking up and selling off the BBC, which abuses its huge power to socially condition the entire British public.

As you can see it would be immoral to vote for them, except for one thing; they keep the extreme lefties out of power.


Nigel Farage is the most successful politician in Britain since Margaret Thatcher. He has forced a fundamental change in the course of Britain’s economy and politics. He very much deserves a peerage, where he could continue his contributions to the national debate.

UKIP’s problem was that it was full of rather nasty bigots, which limited its ultimate appeal. They have sorted this out a lot now, but have other problems.

Politically they were a libertarian party (very good) but then they became socialist (very bad) to attract the Northern working class votes. So they are fundamentally schizophrenic. Nobody now knows what they are.

Then some may say that by achieving Brexit they have made themselves redundant. But there is an even bigger cause they could devote themselves to and which is right up their street; saving Great Britain from Islamic takeover. No other political party is even vaguely interested in doing anything about the seemingly inevitable, the destruction of our culture and civilisation.


The green party suffer from two huge political diseases and want to inflict two forms of harm on the British people. They are socialists and they are Luddites. They are the natural party for dim snowflakes. Anyone with any education, intelligence or experience of the world wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

Liberal Democrats

Are they still going?

This is the political party for moderate socialists who aren’t working class. Who are, by definition, not the brightest people. Nice but dim. Their image is soft spoken beards and sandals, not actual competence at running anything.


Peak SNP is over, they are now a minority government in their own parliament and they lost the referendum. It is all downhill from here. They are led by a nasty, lying, bigoted harridan who has become a laughing stock.

There are four distinctive attributes that define the SNP:

  • Bad governance. They are no good at their basic job. All they have to look after is health, education and policing and they do all of these very badly indeed, despite having far more money to spend per capita than the English do.
  • Sleaze. Yes, all parties are sleazy but the SNP have made it an art form. Click on this highlight for a partial list of just how corrupt the SNP are.
  • Thuggery. Whether it is violence on the street or Cybernats they have redefined the use of intimidation in British politics. They must be so proud.
  • Lies. They can’t help it. Economically Scotland is totally parasitic on English taxpayers. Independence would see them far poorer than Greece, but without the sunshine and good food. There would be a huge economic migration problem of Scots into England. The SNP cannot admit these self evident truths, so they lie like crazy.

As you can see we have a very sad state of affairs. No party come close to deserving a vote and no party leader looks even vaguely capable of fixing this.

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  1. Taken over by Zionists and freemasons? What an absolute nutcase you are.

    I’d have wagered that your aggressively paranoid fringe views were one of the reasons you find it impossible to get a job now, but it seems that far from being the main reason it is just one among many. Apparently people in your own industry find you to be a completely obnoxious, self-absorbed weirdo.

    Wake up to yourself. Take a look in the mirror and try to sort yourself out, before you end up an angry, embittered old man


    1. WildColonialBoy

      What a nice person you are. The reason I don’t work is because I can’t.
      As for the Conservative Party, you obviously have no idea of the reality.


  2. This post is largely spot on.

    As an outside observer (not British, not European) I am amazed at the amount of socialists in the UK. I thought they would have all died out by now but apparently they’re still around in very large numbers, which honestly makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable on the future of the UK.

    The alarming thing is that it wasn’t just UKIP that adopted many socialist tendencies leading up to the referendum. Now we have the Tories adopting some post-referendum. All just to appeal to voters. Farage did it to win the 52%. May is now doing it to “move to the centre” / try to steal socialist UKIP voters, Labour and SNP voters etc.

    The UK, being an overleveraged advanced economy, cannot have a socialist party in power, or start adopting ever more socialist tendencies, or it will eventually turn into a Greece type economy. Fiscal prudence and pro-competitive policies (along with building new relations within Asia) are absolutely essential if the UK wants to continue growing and stay somewhat relevant in the century ahead.

    UKIP needs to go back to their roots and adopt libertarianism again. And the Tories need to be careful with the direction they’re heading in. By having the Centre-Right go further Left, they’re effectively moving the entire Left-Right spectrum further to the Left. This will only entrench people like Corbyn, and the Lib Dems will still be the ‘Centre’ party.


  3. Agree with colonial boy – your posts are incredibly worrying and you strike me as a nasty little man.


    1. As you like it,

      You seem to have failed on the pyramid of intellect:


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