Why do SJWs love vermin so much?


Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to animals. This is why Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the World Wildlife Fund and all the eco warriors put so much work into whales, which are mostly just wet cows, whilst for decades ignoring the near extinction of sharks, which are ecologically vital. They know which will bring in the most funds.

So it is with the disease ridden vermin that are badgers. The eco warriors just love them in ways they will never even like a Blobfish. The Wind in the Willows has a lot to answer for. Children read it and think Badger has human traits. Unfortunately many of these children never grow up.

Worst of all is celebrity eco fascism. These people think that because they are famous for one thing it makes them an expert on everything. And that the world wants to hear. Their delusion is amazing.

Which brings us to Chris Packham, BBC talking head with degree in zoology. And to Brian May, pop musician with PhD in astrophysics. Who both think that they are experts in epidemiology, when patently they are not. They both are vehemently opposed to badger culling as a means to control the human disease tuberculosis (TB). Yet their eco warrior credential are not gold plated. Brian May culled deer (poor Bambi!) on his country estate. And Chris Packham’s live in girlfriend, Charlotte Corney, owns the Isle of Wight Zoo where four African lions are kept captive. Yet the experts, the Born Free Foundation, oppose the  exploitation of wild animals in zoos.

In the debate about badgers Packham had the conceit to write a cringeworthy article in which he said that because he had swallowed an encyclopedia he is always right and everyone else is wrong. Even mild critical thinking reveals the flaws in this argument. The lefty New Scientist published this amongst their normal warmist pseudoscience, calling him a “wildlife hero”.  (You can read the article here).

So now the pleasantries are covered let’s look at the real science. Highlighted text can be clicked to take you to further supporting evidence.

TB is a bacterial disease, mainly of the lungs. It is usually dormant, but in 10% of people it becomes active, killing 50% of these. CDC are the major experts on epidemiology. They say that in 2014 TB killed 1.5 million people worldwide. In England in 2015 there were 5,758 TB cases. TB is becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant, making it difficult to treat and increasing its danger to humans.

Cows also have TB and can transmit it to humans. In the 1930s 50,000 new cases of TB were caused by this in the UK every year. Because of the danger we slaughter infected cows, 36,270 of them last year in Great Britain, at huge economic cost. We also routinely pasteurise milk to kill the bacteria. Badgers too are major carriers of TB and are an important contributor to cows becoming infected.

So there we have it. Badgers often have TB, they give the disease to cows who give the disease to humans. The science is irrefutable.

In Ireland they have the same problem, so instituted a program of badger removal by culling. The results were startling, they “found badgers and cattle share localised TB strains and cited a number of studies showing badger removal had a ‘significant beneficial impact on the risk of future breakdowns’, with areas where badgers were not removed at 14 times greater risk than in areas where badgers were removed.”

So the science cannot be contested. However the lefty SJW press and the eco fascist pressure groups do much to hide the truth. The best and by far the most honest website about the issues is TB Free England. If you want the unbiased facts and science with links through to many resources then go there and browse the site.





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