Our constitutional crisis


As you can see above the British people were told, in no uncertain manner, that they could vote to take us out of the EU. So they did and now the government must honour its word.


However some people are bitter bad losers, they don’t understand the immense benefits of leaving the EU and they have no respect for the democratic will of the British people. So they are trying to undo the referendum result. Here are some of their tactics:

  • Blaming the Brexit voters. Saying that the British people are either stupid or racist. BBC leftie luvvie David Attenborough thinks that the people who have paid for his privileged life are not wise enough to make such decisions. This really is utterly contemptible.
  • Demanding a second referendum. Which is really quite ironic because they don’t respect the first one. When they lose again will they be demanding best of five?
  • Using the courts to remove the governments ability to govern and saying Parliament must do this. Once again deeply ironic, because these same people want to take Parliament’s power away and hand it to the EU Commission.
  • Coming up with the idea of “soft Brexit” which isn’t Brexit at all. And it very certainly is not what the British people voted for. We must exit all the political institutions of the EU and we must leave the single market and we must get out of the customs union. All of these have done immense harm to the UK and staying in any of them would only allow this harm to continue.
  • Using the House of Lords to deliberately counter any legislation triggering Article 50. Clegg has proposed this, which shows how deep his contempt for the British people is. If the House of Lords did this then it would be the end of the unelected house of Lords.
  • Saying the Government must declare its negotiating position in advance and get it approved by Parliament. Presumably those who propose this have never been involved in serious negotiations, because it is utterly unworkable. Which is why it has never been applied to any treaty ever before in history. Or could they just be trying to sabotage the whole enterprise?

A lot of people don’t understand how Britain is actually run. So here is a very quick overview of the three different institutions:

The Legislature. Elected MPs and unelected Lords. These people make the law. Each MP represents a constituency for a nominal terms of 5 years. Ironically most MPs are pro EU, even though the EU has neutered their powers and Brexit will hand that power back to them.

The Executive. MPs of the majority party vote for a Prime Minister to run the government of the country. The PM then selects his/her cabinet to help him/her do this. With the help (and often hindrance) of the civil service they manage the public sector side of UK plc.

The Judiciary. Mostly freemasons. Their job is to make decisions based on interpreting the law. However judges are not machines, they have their own opinions and prejudices which, due to human nature, will understandably influence their decisions. It appears that at least 2 of the 3 judges who made the Article 50 ruling are probable pro EU.

Why we now have a constitutional crisis is because some members of the legislature and some members of the judiciary want to interfere with the workings of the executive. Which, constitutionally is none of their business. This is a very dangerous and slippery slope. Is every decision the government now make to run the country going to be challenged in court by bad losers? This is what we are heading for.

The reality is that MPs get to do their job of making law twice over Brexit. The first time was the European Reform Act 2015, which they voted in favour of by a majority of six to one. (Read the Act here). With this act MPs gave away their democratic power over Brexit and handed it to the British people in a referendum. Their second go at debating and voting on this will be The Great Repeal bill, when the Government have finished negotiating, which will implement the democratic will of the British people. These two opportunities given to Parliament are all that our constitution demands.

The amusing and amazing thing is that we have been here before. And last time the judges decided in favour of the government! With the Maastritcht treaty the court decided that the government could exercise the Royal Prerogative when giving power to the EU. (Read about this here). So why isn’t the government free to take power back from the EU?

This is not all, Lawyers for Britain give several reasons why the judges are tinkering wrongly with the British constitution. (Read here). Former government lawyer and now law author, Carl Gardner, has written a longer and more detailed analysis. (Read here). And solicitor Jamie Foster has written a very readable blog about the issues. (Read here). Finally, the icing on the cake, Mark Elliott is Professor of Public Law at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and Legal Adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. He dissects the whole case in considerable detail, concluding that the judges were wrong on several counts. (Read here).

The bad loser left, led by the BBC, don’t like this debate. They think we should not be allowed to question what the judges decided. They do this because they hate democracy and they want their opinion forced on the British people, even though the opposite was voted for in the referendum.

We, the British people, know what we voted for. Now several vested interests are trying to steal this from us. We must remain vigilant and attentive to stop them from doing this. We must protect our democracy and our constitution. Especially you must ensure that your MP doesn’t act against the democratic wishes of their constituents.



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