Theresa May is a big part of Britain’s biggest problem

Islamic mass immigration is going to destroy British civilisation and culture, our way of life will disappear. This is arithmetically inevitable. Muslim immigrants do not integrate, they always try to implement Sharia and, being highly intolerant, they seek to impose it on us. Their numbers are rocketing through mass immigration and by a far higher birth rate than the native population. Eventually they will be the majority. Just as they replaced the Hindus in Pakistan, the Buddhists in Afghanistan and the Christians in Lebanon. European countries are next. We are being invaded and, far from resisting, we are encouraging it.

Theresa May is one of the architects of mass immigration of Muslims. She was Home Secretary from 12 May 2010 to 13 July 2016. Despite Conservative “policies”, targets and countless promises on immigration she let in immense numbers. The Conservatives broke their promises and lied to us. In the year ending September 2016, for instance, she let in an amazing 257,000 non EU citizens. Mostly Muslims. And Theresa May had total control over this. This will obviously continue when the Conservatives win the election, there is no reason to believe otherwise.

Theresa May’s second mistake is to encourage Sharia law. We have more than a thousand years of history creating British statute and common law, which all applies to everyone. Except to Muslims. May says that we Brits can “benefit a great deal” from Sharia. Yet the 100+ Sharia courts in Britain are a disaster, enforcing Islamic mistreatment of women on people living in this country. Emboldened by this Muslim activists enforce Sharia in their neighbourhoods, banning alcohol, dogs and homosexuality. There are no go areas, and the British police have confirmed this. Eventually all our country will be like this.

Her third mistake was not applying British law over Female Genital Mutilation. Cutting off a girl’s external genitalia with a razor is common in our Muslim communities. A despicable and barbaric act. It is illegal as it is Grievous Bodily Harm. But it has been made more specifically so since the  Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act 1985. Tens of thousand of cases have been reported to the police by medical professionals (there are obviously several time more), yet there have been precisely zero successful prosecutions. This is a huge shame and disgrace on the British people and especially on Theresa May.

There is much more that May should have done for us. Forced marriages are common, as is facial disfigurement by acid throwing, for instance. All largely unpunished. And the British people have been very badly let down by the political classes, nobody wants to protect us from Islamification. The Conservatives have been bad. But the LibDems, Labour and Greens want even more open borders, whilst UKIP just pussy foot round the edges of the problem. But there are individuals who have taken a stance. Paul Joseph Watson, Anne Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson can be found on YouTube, Twitter and other social media reporting the facts. They are reviled by the left who value dogma over truth. You should follow them if you want to know what is really happening. The BBC won’t tell you.


  1. Get your facts straight first ? Muslims replaced Hindus in Pakistan? Do you not read your colonial history at all..


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