Fortress Britain. What we must do

Britain needs immigration for three very good reasons:

  1. Demographics. Our ageing population means we need lots of young people to do the work and pay the taxes. Basically the indigenous population didn’t have enough children to support society.
  2. To fill skills shortages. Britain has what economists technically call full employment, so it is getting very difficult to fill ordinary vacancies in many parts of the country, which damages our economy. EU countries have big unemployment problems, so they have a surplus of available people. The very people that we need.
  3. Special talent. There are vast numbers of foreigners working inside our technology industries and in the City of London. These are very highly educated, intelligent, capable people. Britain is the European centre for so many industries that this is the best place for them to be. They add an immense amount to the British economy.

But our immigrants bring with them two problems. Firstly our incredibly generous welfare state is incredibly attractive, especially to people who have never contributed towards it. This is why we have large numbers of Africans in France trying to get to the UK, French benefits just aren’t as generous. And it is why pregnant mothers from countries with poor heath services, Bulgaria and Romania for instance, fly to the UK to have their babies on the NHS. We pay for all of this.

Our second problem is Islam. They will never, ever integrate into British society. They want to impose Sharia, not just on themselves, but on us too. They have no tolerance. So as their numbers increase Britain is gradually being transformed into a Sharia country. Our culture and civilisation is dying. It might be too late to stop this.

Here are the Fortress Britain solution:

  1. British citizen is quick, easy and cheap to attain. This must change. It must become difficult and expensive, only the best deserve to be British. Charge at least £20,000 for the privilege. And for right of residence charge at least £5,000.
  2. Citizen training to include a full understanding of democracy, the rule of British law, women’s rights, free speech, freedom of religious choice, religious tolerance and a person’s right to choose their own spouse.
  3. Make citizenship revocable for a wide range of un-British activity. This must also apply to the first generation of children. If they misbehave they revert to their parents’ citizenship. Deport immediately on revocation. The crash for cash industry could be stopped by deporting all the people who work in it.
  4. There are at least a million illegal immigrants in Britain, they are all de-facto criminals. Only token efforts are made to remove them. We need a major repatriation effort, chartering holiday jets in the winter to shuttle them home.
  5. Our appeals system when evicting undesirables is pathetically weak. It needs major stiffening up. When we decide to evict people they should be removed from the country immediately.
  6. Our asylum laws need making a lot stricter and more selective. Currently we are accepting asylum seekers from Albania, a European democracy, for instance. This is a disgrace. We should only accept a small number of genuine political asylum seekers. Those coming via other European countries should seek asylum at their point of entry and not be eligible to seek it here.
  7. Make our entire benefits system into a membership club, only accessible after, say, six years of contributions. This would get rid of all the parasites. We can use barracks in the countryside to house the homeless and make them pay for it with minimum wage work.
  8. Make the NHS into a membership club. Available to British born children and to contributing adults only. Once again six years of contributions would be good.
  9. Do not allow bringing overseas spouses for marriage, at all. Some communities in the UK are nearly 100% overseas spouse, effectively doubling their numbers. This must stop. Any overseas spouse for marriage must only come here on their own merit.
  10. Do not allow overseas “dependents”. This mechanic is used to bring extended families here on an industrial scale. We don’t want them.
  11. Perpetrators of and accessories to barbaric tribal crimes such as female genital mutilation, breast ironing, acid throwing and forced marriage should be deported immediately and lose their citizenship if they have one.
  12. Close all faith schools. Education must not be tainted with primitive superstition. Deport anyone trying to avoid giving their children a British education.
  13. Impersonation for driving tests, citizenship tests, using the NHS etc must be punished with huge fines and immediate deportation. It is rampant.
  14. Everyone we deport we should take full biometrics of. DNA, retina scan, fingerprints. Then ban them permanently from return.

You know that all the above make sense, they would massively reduce the tax burden on British workers. And they may well help to keep us British, with our distinct civilsation, culture and way of life.




  1. We do not need IMMIGRANTS, what we need is EDUCATION, our governments role around in our taxes, and get over paid for the little that they do, most MP’s are just greedy fat bastards claiming tax benefits and over paid wages, get off your asses and make Britain what it once used to be, great rulers, stop Muslims from infiltrating our governments.


  2. My brother, a second generation imperial from the colonies, was deported as an illegal immigrant from Britain! Yes, the idiot didn’t mention his english and scottish ancestry (we’re directly related to Robert the Bruce!), instead begging the authorities not to deport him and make him leave his young son behind in Britian, but he always was an emotional fool.

    It makes my blood boil to think of bangladeshis and pakistanis in Britain while my young brother works in a bloody call center in India (he has this lovely english accent, you know – very saleable in an indian call center)!


  3. You’re wrong. We do not need immigrants at all. What you propose is no better than the mainstream parties.


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