The Deep State

When you vote at an election you may think that you are wielding power and deciding the nation’s future. Don’t be deluded. There are small elites out there who run and control everything, they don’t care who you vote for, they will still be in charge. Margaret Thatcher fought against these elites and their vested interests. She pretty much got rid of one elite, the old school tie. But every Prime Minister since her has actively promoted and encouraged them, for obvious reasons.


Do not confuse Zionism (a political movement) with Judaism (a religion), there are very many Jews (including Einstein) who hate Zionism (because it is, basically, fascism) and there are non Jews who are Zionists. They use their money to control Great Britain via the Conservative Party, the BBC and most major newspapers. Conservative Friends of Israel largely finances or arranges the funding of the Conservative Party. So they pretty much own it and select MPs and decide on policy. The senior BBC management is riddled with Zionists (they look after and promote one another) and most media barons are Zionists. So, for instance, we are consistently fed a distorted and one sided view of Palestine that many people in Britain are now Brainwashed into believing.


This organisation is two things, a mutual self interest and self enrichment scam and a shadow state. The Royal Family and British Prime Ministers are all in it. There are many degrees of seniority, the bottom three degrees are the footsoldiers, the pawns, so this includes most policemen (the freemasons organised their Hillsborough cover up) and many junior politicians. The 30 degrees above that are even more secret. 33 degree freemasons include Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch and Prince Phillip. Freemasons are responsible for much establishment paedophilia, so they use their immense power to sabotage every single inquiry into this. Well known establishment paedophiles such as Cyril Smith, Ted Heath and Greville Janner get off scot free. They are sworn to look after one another before all else, including the law, and also that perjury to do so is no crime for a freemason. It is rumoured that they kill dangerous and difficult opponents or problem people. Victims are said to include Princess Di, Dr David Kelly and Jill Dando. Two US presidents were not freemasons, Lincoln and Kennedy, both were assassinated. And when Harold Shipman (a freemason) was first reported to the police they ignored it. He went on to kill many more. Likewise Fred West.

Common Purpose

A political charity  working to undermine democracy and impose a secret infrastructure of state control by means of a network of Common Purpose graduates in positions of power and influence. They are trying to achieve a communitarian dictatorship with a highly controlled press. Common Purpose select people in positions of power for training under the altruistic cover of improving relationships between different sectors of society. These candidates are then utterly brainwashed as if they were a religious cult, using Neuro Linguistic Programming. Thousand of people have attended these courses and are now working towards the Common Purpose agenda, this includes senior management in every part of the public sector, including the police and the BBC. This is why the police are more concerned now about diversity than about the law of the land and why the BBC has become a politically correct, SJW propaganda machine. David Cameron was Common Purpose (and a freemason), which explains a lot. Britain will not be safe until these fifth columnists are all removed from their jobs and Common Purpose is closed down.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan

Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna in 1922 with the aim of creating a New World Order, based on a federation led by the USA. Post war his ideas attracted the support of the CIA and Winston Churchill, among many other powerful groups. The EU project is just one step along this road. He sought to destroy nation states and races, replacing them with a new mixed breed, easily controlled by the ruling elite. Hence Merkel’s mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East. And Tony Blair’s mass immigration into the UK. An important prize is awarded biennially by the Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation to Europeans who have advanced their cause. Winners include Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy. This global conspiracy is succeeding in destroying nations and nationality. It has huge establishment elite support and they conduct all out war against all nationalist politicians, such as Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen.

Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism

This is the “intellectual” backbone behind all Western socialists, the reason why “academics” with no real knowledge of the world tend to support the creed of socialism, despite it failing in every single one of the hundreds of times it has been tried. They lack the ability of critical thinking. The Wikipedia entry for Frankfurt School shows how confused they are: “they sought to draw answers from other schools of thought, hence using the insights of antipositivist sociology, psychoanalysis, existential philosophy, and other disciplines. The school’s main figures sought to learn from and synthesize the works of such varied thinkers as Kant, Hegel, Marx, Freud, Weber, Simmel, and Lukács. Following Marx, they were concerned with the conditions that allow for social change and the establishment of rational institutions. Their emphasis on the “critical” component of theory was derived significantly from their attempt to overcome the limits of positivism, materialism, and determinism by returning to Kant’s critical philosophy and its successors in German idealism, principally Hegel’s philosophy, with its emphasis on dialectic and contradiction as inherent properties of human reality.” Despite their ideas failing continually they remain the driving force behind most European politicians and administrators.

The Bilderberg Group

Since 1954 up to 150 of the very most powerful people in Europe and North America have got together in top secrecy every year and decided how to run our lives. Basically an unelected one world government.


Like the freemasons on steroids, richer, more exclusive, more secret, more powerful, there is considerable overlap (and sometimes conflict) between the two groups and both have been accused many times of satanism. Currently headed by a Scottish Duke.  More than half of Scotland is owned by fewer than 500 people. Which is the most uneven ownership of land in the developed world. Yet the socialists never do anything about it. Now you know why. The Illuminati is also the power base of one of the word’s richest and most powerful banking dynasties. Between them the Freemasons and the Illuminati choose most Western world leaders. The voters certainly don’t.

The Intelligence Community

Knowledge is power and the intelligence community know the sexual preferences of every single politician, and much more besides. They are largely outside political or democratic control and so become self serving with their own agendas. They lie to their political masters. The CIA reports on the Soviet Union during the Cold War were largely works of fiction designed to keep military spending unnecessarily high. And now the US intelligence institutions have gone to war against their own President. They are nefarious. As Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Wikileaks have copiously proved. They own you.

The above list and content is of necessity brief. Books can and have been written about them, but the elites have so much power and control over politicians and media that the truths never receive wide coverage. One very strange thing is how the socialist elites and the capitalist elites rub each others backs and protect one another. All that matters is power. Power over us.



  1. We as taxpayers are funding every change in these social experiments and are always subject to the hidden agenda. These evil machinations by the state and deep state should be put into the public domain, before we have to play catch up and not kept behind the learning curve.


  2. Thank you Bruce for this summary. Very informative, as most people are really unaware of of why strange things happen. Inquiries which falter and get nowhere; Police investigations which suddenly stop. You have shown why.


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