Donald Trump is a brilliant President of the USA

The headline above might differ with your perception. This is because fake news outlets, such as the BBC, relentlessly carry negative news stories about Donald Trump. And also they don’t cover all the good stuff he does and all his achievements. The fact is that they spin everything they can against him to make him look bad and that they often make up complete lies to try to brainwash you. So instead of listening to the media try doing a bit of research. Did you know that Trump gives his $400,000 a year presidential salary (minus $1 for technical reasons) to charity, for instance? Did you know he won the 1986 Ellis Island Award for working to improve conditions for inner city black kids? And stood alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali to receive it?

Now you might say that you believe and trust the BBC. So here is a letter proving that they tell outright lies to support their political position:

So what makes Trump so special? Firstly he is proudly patriotic and he puts the interests of the USA electorate first. Secondly he is a pragmatist and does what is best, instead of following some globalist dogma like his predecessors. Thirdly, like Margaret Thatcher, he has no time for vested interests having unfair advantages. Fourthly, after a lifetime as a successful global businessman, he is a very tough negotiator. The American people are lucky to have him.

Now let’s take a look at his achievements in a couple of memes:

So why have the media brainwashed the gullible in the world into having completely the wrong opinion of the President of the United States? It is because nearly all the world’s media are owned or controlled by a handful of people. And those people are Cultural Marxists. Hilary Clinton was their candidate and they are working hard to have the presidential election result reversed, just as they are working hard to have Brexit reversed. They are not interested in facts or the truth, just in manipulating people, including you, to their ideas. Donald Trump calls this the swamp.

Just now the people of the USA should rejoice that they have the best POTUS since Ronald Reagan, who is making their country into a better place and is improving everyone’s quality of life. It is just a big pity we can’t have him as UK Prime Minister, he would soon sort out a successful exit from the EU on the best possible terms.

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