Brexit Bad Loser Memes

It really is a disgrace, showing utter contempt for democracy and disrespect for the majority who voted to leave, that the bad losers are now demanding a second go at the Brexit Referendum. Perhaps they would like the World Cup semi final, which England lost, re-run.

It is despicable behavior, they should be ashamed of themselves. And it is very dangerous, having a re-run would mean that in future no democratic decision would ever be valid, that loser activists would always be lining up to usurp the majority. America is just as bad now with every new President facing a barrage of spurious legal action. 

Of course the EU has previous for this, trying to overthrow every referendum that has gone against it. As an undemocratic institution it has no respect of democracy.

Also as for politically ignorant celebrities who are suddenly experts on the EU. Ask them who the four Presidents of the EU are and what their jobs are.  Ask them who their MEPs are. Ask them what QMV is and when it is used. All these are incredibly important. And the celebs won’t know the answers, because they actually know very little about the EU. They just think that they are virtue gesturing when they spout off. Which is mostly what celebs do.

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  1. Nice Bruce … esp. like the Brexit Dictionary lol


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