Will you be the Next Victim of the Thought Police?

Yesterday Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas were jailed for six years and six months and five years respectively. For being Nazis. Not for harming anyone. This article does not defend their obnoxious views, just their right to have these views. And on this site all free speech is defended, even that of the nutty extremist left.

Our state punishing thought crimes such as this comes straight out of Orwell’s 1984, so the government are the real fascists here. You might say that you are not a Nazi, so you don’t care that others are put in prison for having these beliefs. The problem here is the state making it a crime to “offend” someone else’s feelings. The state defines what is “offensive” and they are steadily increasing its scope. Eventually what you think will become a crime.

You might say that there is plenty of free speech, just look at Twitter and Facebook. But this is a delusion. Firstly the state only permit lively debate within what they allow and control. Stray outside and you are in trouble, as the frequent Twitter arrests prove. And look at their attempts to close down Gab, which does allow free speech but which is protected by the American First Amendment. Secondly all the main social media are Cultural Marxist controlled and close down all thought that don’t fit their narrow world view. Dissent from their political correctness is not tolerated. Thirdly the government are progressively increasing their clampdown on Twitter and Facebook, with both Labour and Conservative politicians repeatedly saying that, effectively, free speech must not be allowed. The clue here is the language they use, “hate crime” is their pejorative term for free speech.

And then we get to an amazing anomaly. In the UK there is close to zero right wing politics, yet this is the area where the thought police concentrate. Meanwhile the extremist left are rampant, openly advocating “class warfare” and direct action to achieve their nasty dystopia. And our state does nothing. Not that they should. But if they allow rampant lefty extremism they should allow rampant right wing extremism. Antifa and Red Pepper are every bit as bad as National Action yet only the right wing organisation is banned. And the left are morally worse than the right because the left always seek to silence their opponents.

So what is going on here? Well it is all in the book 1984, in which Orwell accurately predicted Cultural Marxism taking over our societies. In the UK (and elsewhere) this has been achieved by the Common Purpose secret society, tens of thousands of whose members are now in senior management positions in the government, civil service, police, BBC, NHS etc. They now control the country and have far more power than the voting public have. Cultural Marxism seeks to create a post democratic, single state world ruled by an elite, with everyone else just slaves to the system. 

The imprisonments this article is about are part of the process of the enslavement of everyone. Including you. The state is narrowing down what language we are allowed to use. This narrows down what we are capable of thinking. ‘Till eventually they have complete control over us. Exactly as 1984 predicted. And exactly as we see happening in the world around us today. Already many of your rights and freedoms have been stolen from you by the state.

Be very worried.


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