Proselytism Is Evil

All religions are man made. A set of beliefs and compulsions that form a mental crutch. Because religions offer nothing tangible they hang on the thin thread of faith. Which they brainwash into all their members. Every religious person believes that their religion is the one true religion.

Each religion has a different attitude to how other religions should be treated.

The Jews make one extreme. They don’t want or need anyone to join them. They don’t proselytise at all. Mainly because Jewry is a race as well as a religion. So if you wanted to truly convert you would need to change your genes.

Buddhists are quite laid back and tolerant of everyone. But you are free to join them if you want to. If you don’t want to it is no big deal. Hindu is an evolution of Buddhism and is slightly less laid back.

Christians want to convert non Christians to their beliefs. Right now there are large number of Christian missionaries all over the world trying to convince people to join their club. But Christians are quite happy to live alongside non Christians and they don’t use force to make you think like them. Hundreds of years ago they did. With Inquisitions and Crusades. But Christianity eventually became more civilised.

Islam does not tolerate non members. Their teachings are that the apostates must be killed. With, historically, somewhere between 100 and 200 million victims. A similar number to those killed by socialism, which is another very bad idea. In 2017 Islam killed 84,000 people.

What Muslims believe

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