We Need a Second Referendum

The globalist/deep state/NWO/BBC/Bilderberg/Common Purpose traitors are determined to ignore our democratic vote to leave the EU and to keep us in this execrable institution by all means possible. Theresa May and the majority of MPs have no intention of ever allowing us to leave.

So to break the impasse we need to have a second referendum. Let’s call it a People’s Vote. As we have already decided to leave the vote can only be about how we leave. So here is the referendum question:

Choose from A or B.

A. We leave the EU immediately with the clean Brexit that we voted for, promised to the nation by our Prime Minister, David Cameron.

B. We implement Theresa May’s surrender document. Paying £39 billion in reparations to the EU. Giving Ulster to Eire, Gibraltar to Spain and our fisheries to France.

Your choice will be binding on the Parliament, Government and Monarch of the United Kingdom.

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  1. I am glad that the antics and sheer manipulation by “Common Purpose” have been highlighted by you Mr Everiss. I have been shouting from the rooftops of their “courses” and charitable status for a couple of years now. Paul Mason has already declared that the country “needs” a group of intelligent socialists who would have the ability to govern should there become civil unrest and the insufferable Peston is a well known common purpose graduate of some years. People need to understand that senior councillors in local government and ranks above Chief Inspector in the Police are common purpose graduates or intended attendees. I hope you carry on the exposure of this group of individuals masquerading as a charity aimed at improvement and a different way of doing things for natural leaders. I wonder of Lunch has Soylent Green on the menu 😉


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