Cultural Marxist phrasebook

The Cultural Marxists want to create a post democratic world run by a UN oligarchy, with all the rest of us as slaves. They seek to get rid of nationalities and races, the very things that enable us to have our own identities. They succeed in enslaving us by legislation and by creating cultural norms that limit our thoughts and behaviour. Our rights and freedoms are disappearing fast. In the UK the main organisations bringing about Cultural Marxism are Common Purpose, the Tavistock Institute, the Fabian Society and the BBC.

Political Correctness. Proscribing free speech and actions in society to comply with the demands of a narrow political group. This is used to close down or censor all alternative views and behaviour.

Multiculturalism. Giving an incompatible, incoming group of people priority over the established, indigenous population. Forcing the minority culture on to the majority.

Woke. A special sort of stupidity where someone becomes a mindless drone for the globalists who are working to enslave them. What Stalin called “useful idiots”.

Taking offence. A tactic to limit debate by closing down the views of anyone who dissents from the Cultural Marxist mantra.

Virtue gesturing. Making an ostentatious display of political correctness whilst doing nothing to actually address the issues. eg #refugeeswelcome and #metoo

Microagression. The slightest sign of free thinking. Used as a tool to suppress us and lead us to slavery

Gender. A denial of the science that there are just two distinct and separate sexes. Made that way by their DNA.

Racism. Invented by Trotsky as a tool to shut down nonconformists.

Mansplaining. Contempt for someone who is trying to help.

Hate speech. A state tactic to punish the use of hurty words. This is designed to limit free speech and thus to limit free thought. It is intended to enslave us.

Hard right. Anyone who is not a Cultural Marxist. In other words normal people.

Identity politics. Prejudice against people who are not from a specific group. eg blacks, women, homosexuals, disabled

White privilege. Nearly every idea, invention or product in the modern world was created by Europeans. Some non Europeans resent this. But they still use the ideas, inventions and products.

Feminism. Misandry combined with the denial of the scientific fact that the two sexes are fundamentally different to one another.

Global warming. Pseudoscience opposed by very many real scientists. Used by government to force draconian legislation on the public.

Safe space. Somewhere to hide and cry when reality gets to be too much for very weak people to handle.

LGBT. The promotion of deviant sexuality in society so as to destroy family values and break up the family unit. Thus handing more power to the state. A step on our road to slavery.

Social justice. Expecting the state to punish success and reward failure. To expropriate from strivers and pay shirkers. Obviously this is wanted by those who have contributed the least to society.

Cultural appropriation. Borrowing good ideas from other cultures. eg drinking tea in the West or black women straightening their hair.

Manspreading. A man sitting with his knees apart so that his external genitalia are comfortable. Women, obviously don’t need to do this. Instead they occupy seats on public transport with their bags when other people are forced to stand.

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