How the Deep State Stole our Brexit Democracy

Quintus Fabius Maximum was the Roman general who defeated Hannibal. Not by meeting him in open battle but by wearing him down with endless skirmishes. What today would be called guerrilla tactics. The Romans called him Cunctator, which translates to mean delayer. And the British socialist organisation the Fabian Society is named after him. They seek to destroy capitalism and democracy by guerrilla tactics. It is oxymoronic to describe socialists as being capable of thought. But if they were then in Britain the Fabian Society is where it would happen. They work hand in glove with Common Purpose and the Tavistock Institute to create an unholy Deep State that has largely replaced our democracy.

Delaying tactics and guerrilla warfare are what the Deep State has used to overthrow our democratic decision to prefer freedom to continued membership of the corrupt, undemocratic EU superstate. Here is how they have done it:

Step 1. Cameron Resigns. He had told us repeatedly that if Leave won the referendum then he would immediately declare Article 50, the mechanic by which countries leave the EU. This allows a MAXIMUM of two years before final departure. So the UK, if we believed Cameron’s promises, would exit the EU on 24 June 2018 at the LATEST. But instead of signing Article 50 he resigned. Which looks like a blatant tactic to delay or even prevent giving us what we voted for. Presumably the Deep State ordered him to do this.

Step 2. Conservative Leadership Stitch Up. This contest came down to a straight choice between a committed Leave candidate, Andrea Leadsom and a committed Remain candidate, Theresa May. This should have gone to a vote by all the party members in the country. But it didn’t. Mysteriously Leadsom withdrew from the contest and May was anointed party leader and thus Prime Minister. And so we had someone in charge of Brexit who was totally committed to keeping us in the EU.

Step 3. Using the Legal System as a Political Tool. Gina Miller fronted an action, using the courts, which meant that Article 50 could not be signed. Who paid all the legal costs? A government appeal added further delays. This took us to January 2017.

Step 4. Parliamentary Delay. Ordered by the courts. We had been told repeatedly that Brexit was the choice of the British people, not of Parliament and that our wished would be carried out. Article 50 was finally invoked on 29 March 2017. A full 9 months after we were promised.

Step 5. Call a General Election. Theresa May seemingly tried to lose this one by announcing that she would inflict new higher taxes on pensioners. A dementia tax. The Deep State knew that the Labour Manifesto was for Brexit in Name Only (BRINO) which would leave us in many EU institutions, but without any say in their running.

Step 6. The Surrender Document. May, Tusk, Barnier and Robbins concocted an “agreement” that would obviously be totally unacceptable to the British public. Effectively we give away Northern Ireland, our fisheries and Gibraltar. And we are to pay the EU £39 billion in reparations. It is as if we lost World War Two. So of course the House of Commons has rejected it three times.

Step 7. Brexit Delay to 22 May. Supposedly two months in which our government can get the agreement of Parliament. Theresa May had told us many hundreds of times that such an extension would never happen.

Step 8. The Yvette Balls Bill. This was rushed through Parliament with indecent haste. It reverses our democratic Brexit vote by denying us a Clean Brexit. Mrs Windsor should not sign this. She should do her constitutional duty to protect the constitution and the British people by preventing this becoming law.

Step 9. Further, Indefinite Article 50 Extensions. Yes, we have been comprehensively stitched up. We are not going to get what we voted for. We are no longer a democracy. The Deep State has won.

We, the British people, have been lied to and deceived by our politicians and the BBC on a previously unimaginable scale. Our vote now counts for nothing. We are on the road to slavery.


  1. Spot on Bruce. However its quite possible the ‘Deep State’ has overplayed their hand. We know of their existence now.Once identified they can be targeted for removal! If anything the Referendum has overturned the rock they live under.


  2. Not won yet, just delayed their defeat, like a certain Austrian in a bunker…….


  3. I think you are right Barry, most of us are awake now, I was hoping Trump will sort us out, and he will but will it be to late, I am now banking on Robin Tilbrook taking the government to court for illegally taking extensions if we win we will of been out on the 29th march by default with no deal I have donated twice, many judges, barristers, and sir Bill cash MP agree we have a strong case, if anyone can donate that would be great we have raised 140k so far not mentioned by the MSM of course!


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