How The BBC Are Using MMGW lies to Make You Into a Slave

Everybody I speak to says that BBC propaganda lies don’t work on them.
But then ask the same people about Donald Trump or Global Warming and they trot out the BBC party line as if it were the truth. When in reality it is a huge pack of utter fiction. (Look HERE to see how they make up absolute lies).

So, of course people have been brainwashed, as has everyone in Britain who watches TV. Unless they abstain completely from the BBC. If you watch the BBC you are being brainwashed. You can’t stop it. The mind manipulation is in all its content: drama, soap operas, documentaries, current affairs, “comedy”, their website, news, sport and even children’s programming.
Watch a soccer game and Gary Lineker will hit you with Cultural Marxist identity politics and the horror of people hearing hurty words. This is a tactic to steadily limit the vocabulary you are allowed to use and thus what you are allowed to think. Exactly as Orwell predicted.

In 2006 Al Gore released an apocalyptic film called An Inconvenient Truth predicting that man made climate change would cause many disasters. It earned him the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. And it was a pack of lies, his predictions didn’t happen. But the film became compulsory viewing in schools worldwide as the globalists sought to brainwash a generation. Here are some of the reasons they are doing this:

  • Increasing the power of the state over the individual. These Cultural Marxists are working to enslave us and the MMGW lie is a very useful tool for them to use. An example is that British households are being forced to pay for the instillation of so called “smart meters” in their homes which give the government total control of their energy usage.
  • A step on the road towards a post democratic global superstate (which the UN admit HERE). The lead on most MMGW initiatives comes from the UN. Which none of us voted for. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, the Doha Amendment and the annual United Nations Climate Change Conferences.
  • Distorting markets to favour large global supercorporations. So consumers and small businesses pay far higher prices. Ed Milliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act was one of the most pernicious pieces of anti consumer legislation in recent history.

At the BBC the MMGW lies rapidly became 100% corporate mantra. They got rid of anyone who wouldn’t swallow the lies. The highly distinguished broadcaster David Bellamy is a real scientist. He said that MMGW was poppycock and this finished his BBC career. The BBC say that MMGW is “settled science”, which proves that they don’t even know what science is and that they are ignoring the very large numbers of scientists who disagree with them. What the BBC really mean is that for them MMGW is “settled brainwashing”.

This short video is entertaining viewing and exposes the utter stupidity of the MMGW brigade:

David Attenborough was once a great broadcaster who brought the world of nature to our living rooms. Now he is paid more than a million pounds a year of our money to work largely as a voiceover artists. And he toes the BBC MMGW line. Otherwise they wouldn’t pay him this money.

On Thursday 18 April the BBC broadcast a programme, narrated by Attenborough, called Climate Change – The Facts, which was pure alarmist MMGW propaganda with hardly any resemblance to the truth and no balanced representation of the science. This is just social engineering, brainwashing the nation into slavery. The Global Warming Policy Foundation have torn it to shreds in their official complaint (read it HERE), The Conservative Woman website refutes Attenborough’s lies one by one (HERE). and James Delingpole described it as “The BBC’s Biggest Lie Ever” in THIS article.

Our problem as a nation is that the BBC has immense power. Far too much power. So their lies are always accepted as being the truth by the majority of the nation. Yet by choosing what to broadcast and what not to, by spinning the facts they do use to present a false picture and by using outright lies they are forcing a Cultural Marxist agenda on all of us. Thousands of their managers have been on Common Purpose courses, which makes this evil culture ubiquitous throughout the corporation.

The BBC are the enemy of the people of Britain.


  1. Nearly all the BBC nature productions preach evolution and many climate change. That is a briliant video. Why most prefer the lie to the truth I don’t know but I am heartened that there are those who speak up for the truth. I suspect that all our £billions will not change the climate one bit. They should pour it into pollution control which is the real danger.


    1. Man-made climate change is a complete lie. Check out the facts regarding Co2/trace gases/water vapour.


  2. There is no “scientific consensus” on MMGW.

    “Since 1998, more than 31,000 American scientists from diverse climate-related disciplines, including more than 9,000 with Ph.D.s, have signed a public petition announcing their belief that “…there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” Included are atmospheric physicists, botanists, geologists, oceanographers, and meteorologists.”


  3. Another great video exposing the warmist lies:


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