Third World Voting Corruption Now Normal in Great Britain

In Britain the public are not the property of the state. The state is our servant. Since Magna Carta in 1215 and the Bill of Rights of 1689 we have had freedoms and rights as individuals. Today one way we exercise this is by voting for some of our politicians (though not our head of state or upper chamber in Parliament). Our vote gives us power as individuals over the state. Each vote is private and personal to the individual and very important.

In the third world they do not have the same culture, heritage and civilisation as we do. There voting is often seen as a tool to be abused to grab power. Individual rights and freedoms are of no concern. And now mass immigration has brought this attitude to Great Britain.

Electoral fraud is so widespread in some communities now that it is the accepted norm. It is how they do it. Occasionally someone is stupid and gets caught and prosecuted, but largely it is totally ignored by our electoral system, our legal system and by our politicians. It has become accepted. So only 260 cases of alleged electoral fraud were reported in 2016 and only two of these led to convictions.

In 2012 the police were asked to look into some London elections, most notably at Tower Hamlets. There were 154 separate allegations, but such is the nature of the offence that it is nearly impossible to gather evidence and to prove. They can corrupt our electoral system with near impunity. So in 2014 the Mayoral election in Tower Hamlets was again utterly corrupt. But this time they were able to prove it and former mayor Luftur Rahman was found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices.

In the 2010 General Election it is thought that six marginal seats were won by Labour as a result of vote rigging. This gave a net swing of 12 MPs and affected the outcome of the election. The Daily Mail investigated the widespread irregularities (click HERE).

And it is still going on. Everywhere. Right now the police are investigating allegations of postal vote fraud in the Abbey Ward of Derby City Council where Cllr Asaf Afzal is the Labour Party candidate.

On the social media platform Gab Robert Marsh posted:
I used to work for the Electoral team for a Local Authority. Part of the job was to install computers in the councilors homes. At one Labour Pakistani Muslim’s house there were a massive stack of postal votes collected by his cronies. As i was leaving another man came in with another massive pile.
I worked on the counting side and we were instructed NOT to examine the signature just to ensure the signature box was completed. There were hundreds of postal votes all with the same handwriting. They collect the blank voting forms from all the houses and complete them. This is “justified” as helping them as most Bangladeshi and Pakistani’s don’t write in English

markvbr relied with this:
having run polling stations the number of times a man came in with a gang of women demanding i give him all their ballots!
most times i ended up having to bring the police officer in that we always had at my station.
one year i had to do this with the same man three times until the police finally refused him entry the rest of the day ONLY after i phoned the returns officer to MAKE the police co operate

So voter fraud is widespread, it is mainly in immigrant communities, it mainly favours the Labour Party, our authorities know all this and do nothing to stop it. So where is our democracy now?

There are two simple solutions to the problem. Firstly disallow postal voting except for members of H M Forces and registered disabled. Secondly require voters to produce a valid ID at the polling station. Simple, easy to implement and effective.

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