The First Amendment Must Be Applied to Social Media #FASM

Mark Zuckerberg is the most powerful person this planet has ever known. Facebook has 2.3 billion users, a third of the world’s population. And Mark controls their knowledge and understanding by manipulating what they are allowed to see and to read. Using algorithms and teams of lefty moderators Facebook gives prominence to Cultural Marxist content and censors populist content. If you are on Facebook you are being manipulated.

Then there is a form of bullying to make people conform to the Facebook political mantra. Users who post perfectly legal and acceptable content that the lefty moderators don’t like get a one month ban. This is to force them to conform.

But now it has got much worse. Facebook have recruited globalist UK politician Nick Clegg as Vice-President, Global Affairs and Communications. And they have kicked several prominent anti Cultural Marxists off the platform. Denying their right to free speech.

Paul Joseph Watson is erudite, intelligent, informed and incisive. As a political commentator his output is stellar on platforms such as InfoWars, YouTube and Twitter. It takes a Cultural Marxist Facebook moderator to “take offence” at his content and to permanently ban him.

Facebook say:
“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology. The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today,” No wonder Paul Joseph Watson is considering suing them for libel.

Facebook host many Cultural Marxist and extremist leftist organisations. Antifa, Hope not Hate, Red Pepper, People’s Momentum and Extinction Rebellion, for instance. All of whom engage in illegal direct action against society and against the laws of the land. They are very certainly not erudite, intelligent, informed and incisive. They certainly “promote or engage in violence and hate “. Yet, of course, Facebook does nothing.

Society has a problem here. You have a problem. We all have a problem. Facebook are running amok, trampling on our rights and freedoms. Denying free speech and abusing their immense power to brainwash the world into their misguided political stance.

And the answer here is very simple. Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms are largely American (the Chinese native social media is a separate issue). The USA government can control them. And it must.

The USA Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees free speech. This encapsulates citizen’s rights and freedoms (unlike in the UK, where government have stolen many from us) and it must be applied to social media companies. They must be prevented from brainwashing the world to their own Cultural Marxist politics. And if Facebook believes in rights and freedoms (they don’t) then they would welcome this move.

So use the hashtag #FASM and the memes from this article and spread the word!


  1. I think you’re getting confused here. You were repeatedly banned from Twitter not because the authorities were trying to suppress your free speech but because you were engaging in behaviour that at best could be described as deliberate trolling and at worst bullying. You went out of your way to try to hurt and or offend – purely to satisfy your own rather unpleasant need to get one over people who don’t share your world view. For example trousergate which made you a laughing stock, telling people with terminal illnesses that drugs used to treat them were a waste of taxpayer’s money as they were dieing anyway. Never mind the borderline illegal “meme” of the naked baby regarding FGM which caused your account to be frozen multiple times. Painting yourself as some kind of free speech martyr is really weasel words. There’s a reason that the only place you’re not banned from is your own blog.You’re a bully who cries “internet censorship” and “what my right to offend” when you’re called out and the awful nasty noise and windmilling thankfully gets the plug pulled.


    1. You lie “telling people with terminal illnesses that drugs used to treat them were a waste of taxpayer’s money as they were dieing anyway”.
      My original Twitter account was incredibly popular with great support for my views and very large numbers of retweets and of followers. So, presumably, I went on their hit list for not being a SJW. It is how they work.
      I am a polite and respectful person. However the SJWs think they have moral superiority (when they don’t) and that this gives them a license to be rude, aggressive, abusive, intimidating and downright nasty. Occasionally I have been known to reply to this in kind. But only when they richly deserve it. They then run off to find a safe space to cry in.
      Also I am not banned from most places. My current Twitter account has been running for a few years. I am also on Facebook, Gab, Linkedin, Disqus. In fact anywhere and everywhere I want to be.
      And you don’t understand free speech. In fact you want everyone to conform to your world view and you use “political correctness” as a tool to bully others. As you demonstrate here.
      Read this and try and learn from it:


  2. You do have a history of revisionism. Everything I mention here is documented by the people who were the victims of your harassment or who preserved your missives before you removed them.

    Your twitter account that you link to from here is suspended and have been for at least 18 months.


    1. Mark, being suspended from Twitter is a badge of honour. Most people capable of critical thinking have moved to Gab.
      As for the rest of your verbiage, YYSSW.


  3. Bruce, there is no Gab account. There’s definitely bots gabbing (is that a term?) links to your website but aside from that nothing else. What is YYSSW? I’m only quoting what you’ve posted online. Your mysoginy led to you parting company with Kwalee. You’ve described women as “snakes with tits” (is Mrs Bruce ok with this), described homosexuals as unnatural and on this very blog dedicated a post to extolling Tommy Robinson. I’d really like to engage with you, civilly of course on each of these points.


    1. “Your mysoginy led to you parting company with Kwalee.”
      This is a blatant libel.
      And you don’t seem to realise that it is possible to have an account on social media in a name other than your own. As I do in a number of places.


  4. It’s not like you, a libertarian, to call for government interference in private companies. The First Amendment isn’t your friend in this respect. The USA Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees free speech by restricting government powers. It’s not there to force private organisations and businesses to offer a platform to people they’d rather not.


  5. Bruce it’s not libel. You posted mysoginistic comments about how women were naturally less skilled than men at maths and science as the CMO of Kwalee. You then removed those posts stating that the opinions we’re not those of Kwalee but your own. You and Kwalee then parted company.

    Could you tell us your Gab account is?

    Also could you address each of my points please.


    1. It is true that there is a maths gender gap. Also women very rarely make it to chess grand master. These are facts because the sexes are different to one another, a consequence of evolution.
      This had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my leaving Kwalee.

      As for Gab, who says I only have one account? The same applies to Twitter.


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