The Conservative Party Leadership Candidates

Theresa May has announced that she will resign on 7 June. Note that she has not resigned yet and, if we go by her consistent previous behaviour, she will seek an extension. And then another one. If she does in fact resign then she stays on as caretaker for at least another two months, plenty of time to sabotage the intentions of her successor.

Today we get the results of the EU election. Nigel Farage will have a landslide and the Conservatives will be reduced to a rump. It will be their worst electoral performance in all history. Yet another ignoble record achieved by Theresa May. In Westminster the Conservatives will write this off as a “protest vote”. It isn’t. Out there among the public there is a deep hatred of the Conservative Party and what they have done. Perfidious, duplicitous, untruthful, traitorous, venal, toxic. Very many habitual Conservative voters say they will never vote for the party again. They really have had enough of it and have switched as soon as a viable alternative presented itself. The Conservative Party does actually hang on the very edge of destruction and just getting rid of May will not fix it. They are the band on the Titanic.

Against this background the Conservatives have no option but to elect a Brexit extremist as their new leader. If they don’t then the party is finished. Already party activists throughout the country are deserting the sinking ship whilst very many of them refuse to do election work to support the party. Donors have stopped paying up or have transferred their funding to Farage. Money is drying up. Without a Brexit extremist leader the Conservative Party really is dead. Anyone who doubts this does not understand the public mood.

So let’s take a look at some of the candidates, declared and potential:

Amber Rudd says she won’t run (she would never have won). So the Cultural Marxists are organised and concentrating on certain other candidates (Gove?).

The Cultural Marxist controlled media have gone to war against Boris. It is like Brexit Project Fear all over again. Fake News. However I am going off Boris. It is not just that he describes himself as a One Nation Conservative, just like Cameron did, these are codewords for being a Red Tory.

It is his record as Mayor. While not as cataclysmically execrable as Khan, he did make some immense cockups. The Garden Bridge and Crossrail spring to mind. Both complete and utter planning and management disasters. Boris has no eye for detail and allowed these to get completely out of control, costing billions of money that we worked to earn. Do we want this in a PM?

But you cannot deny that he is an election winning machine with enormous charisma. The Conservatives will need this as they face up to Farage and TBP. So perhaps Boris would be best as an all powerful executive chairman of the Party,

And then there is Boris’s regular unfamiliarity with the truth. We have already had enough of a compulsively lying and duplicitous Prime Minister, do we want another? As a senior politician Boris must know a lot about the Common Purpose secret society. So this video and his weasel words are pretty incriminating:

All over social media people are pouring derision on Gove. He is universally considered to be a slime ball. Knowing what Gove really stands for is analogous to nailing a jelly to a wall, he is so maliciously opportunistic. And his dishonourable backstabbing behaviour in the 2016 leadership competition was utterly inexcusable. But he is a good orator and there seems to be a conspiracy in the Cultural Marxist press and at Westminster to promote him as the stop Boris candidate.

Rory Stewart says he would not serve in a Boris cabinet. What a self important, arrogant cock Rory is. One would hope that Boris would never think of having him in his cabinet. Red Tories like Rory need de-selecting. He is part of the problem. In a direct quote Rory said “The only way I can do that is by moving beyond my brief”, this is the Common Purpose mantra of Leading Beyond Authority, which is very troubling indeed.

Andrea Leadsom has the right politics and is as bright as a button. As leader of the house she has got to know the Conservative members, the constituency for this contest, very well. However she had her chance at leadership in 2016 and bottled it. For which this nation has suffered mightily ever since. We do not want a PM who is frit.

Raab is obviously the best viable candidate, but currently has little momentum going for him compared to Boris. However he has planned meticulously for this. He has the campaign funds and he has the team. There is a strong chance he could usurp Boris in the final voting.

Steve Baker is incredibly impressive. If all Conservatives were like him I would return to the party. Let’s hope that he has a very senior job in the new cabinet. He is very well spoken of by the public who know of him. He just needs to build his profile and to accumulate social capital. There is still a glimmer of hope for the party with him on board.

Hunt and Javid are the compromise candidates with good credentials in every tribe within the party. But are they leaders? They are very competent managers and not Red Tory extremist like Hammond and Rudd are. However they are consensus politicians, not conviction politicians. So they are taps that permanently run tepid. They could be another John Major, which is the last thing we want.

Brady and Hancock can get lost. They aren’t even Conservatives. And they totally lack the experience and stature for the job. They are joke candidates.

Mark Harper is a EUphile, Red Tory Cameron clone. He even got the same PPE degree at the same Oxford college with the same professor as Cameron did, which is deeply troubling.

You have to admire James Cleverly a lot. He largely avoids the evil of political correctness and has a very impressive background in the military, local politics and as a junior minister. A Brexiteer he just does not have the profile to win this contest. However a stellar ministerial career awaits.

Similarly Priti Patel has been brilliant as an ardent and consistent EUphobe and is much admired by the few real Conservatives in Westminster. She really does deserve rewarding for her immense effort. She is 100% behind the clean Brexit that we voted for and she doesn’t care how much people attack her position. But she currently lacks the gravitas, status and momentum to win this competition.

The girlies, Truss, McVey and Mordaunt are undeservedly nowhere. Perhaps people have been too badly traumatised by the existing female PM. Theresa May’s poisonous toxicity has done immense harm everywhere, but especially to the fair sex in politics.

Finally there is Phil Hammond, the Lord Voldemort of British politics and a major contributor to the disaster Theresa May unleashed on the nation. Were he to become Conservative leader the party really would be dead. He is despised by most actual Conservatives.

Having looked at the candidates lets look at the democracy. The last candidate is knocked out in each successive poll of Conservative MPs until there are just two left. This process involves huge amounts of tactical voting so can deliver strange and unpredictable results, varying wildly between voting rounds. The final two candidates are voted on by party members out in the country (who most MPs hold in utter contempt) to choose their leader. However in an inexcusable and execrable failing of democracy this final vote has not taken place since 1995 (when Major beat Redwood). If it does happen this time then on current form it should be between Boris and Raab, with a tight result. But really anything can and will happen over the next few weeks.

But changing the leader counts as nothing if the toxic cabal of remain extremist senior civil servants retain their power. They must be sacked for politicising their jobs and for working against the democratic choice of the British people.


  1. I’m not convinced by Boris as PM but with the current state of the Tory’s he’s the only one with the rock star personality they require to win an election. I would love to see Mark Francois alongside Steve Baker in the cabinet in line as a future Prime Minister.


  2. Just how much planning has gone into no-deal preperations, is a question those candidates advocating WTO terms should ask. Jacob Rees-Mogg on LBC radio asked listeners – was the Government right to spend £4bn on no-deal planning?
    A written reply from the Treasury to a question I asked my local MP to ask, revealed that only £2.2bn had been allocated up to Government depts up to 29th March 2019, exit day. The final figure however, has yet to verified when depts submit their expenditure for 2018-19. The figure of £4bnc omes from the fact that Hammond allocated an addition £2bn for finacial year 2019-20, i.e. after we would have left. He must have been confident we wouldn’t leave the EU with no-deal!


  3. Boris Johnson got £700,000 for speeches and columns, MPs’ register shows. Who’s worse? Racist unelected elite @Nigel_Farage or mysoginistic @BorisJohnson with his tendancy to get journalists a kicking?


  4. “It’s the arrogance. It’s the contempt. That’s what gets me. It’s Gordon Brown’s apparent belief that he can just trample on the democratic will of the British people. It’s at moments like this that I think the political world has gone mad, and I am alone in detecting the gigantic fraud.”

    “They voted for Anthony Charles Lynton Blair to serve as their leader. They were at no stage invited to vote on whether Gordon Brown should be PM… They voted for Tony, and yet they now get Gordon, and a transition about as democratically proper as the transition from Claudius to Nero. It is a scandal. Why are we all conniving in this stitch-up? This is nothing less than a palace coup… with North Korean servility, the Labour Party has handed power over to the brooding Scottish power-maniac.”

    “The extraordinary thing is that it looks as though he will now be in 10 Downing Street for three years, and without a mandate from the British people. No one elected Gordon Brown as Prime Minister…”

    “Gordon Brown could appease public indignation over that, and secure the democratic mandate he needs, by asking the public to vote at once on him, on the new EU treaty, and on the implications of the devolutionary settlement. Let’s have an election without delay.”

    Boris Johnson on Gordon Brown becoming PM, 2007. I’m sure he’ll feel honour-bound to call an election should he take the Tory leadership.


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