The Planet Earth Needs More Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

You are a carbon based life form. Everything that lives on planet earth is carbon based. This carbon is taken from what is known the carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide in the air is “breathed in” by plants who add the energy of sunlight to make proteins, cabohydrates and fats. When we eat these we use up the stored energy and breathe out carbon dioxide, thus completing the cycle.

But our big problem is that there is not very much carbon dioxide in the air for the plants to use. Far less than there was historically when life evolved. This is because most of the carbon was taken out of the carbon cycle and was trapped. It is now stuck in the ground as natural gas, oil, coal, sand tars, seabed methane clathrate, oil tars, lignite, shale oil, peat and the jungle/rainforest floor. Since the Industrial Revolution we have released some of this carbon back into the atmosphere by burning it as fuel. And the main effect has been to make the planet greener, helping us to feed a rapidly expanding population. But most of the historic carbon is still buried.

Ask most people how much carbon dioxide there is in air and they say “lots” because this is what the ecofascist pseudoscientists have told them. Actually outdoors it varies between about 300 and 400 parts per million (PPM), that is 0.03 to 0.04 percent. No wonder plants struggle to get enough and they do so much better when they get more. It is their fundamental building block. Indoors carbon dioxide is typically 600 to 1,000 PPM.

Carbon dioxide becomes toxic to humans at about 50,000 PPM (5%) and most people become aware of it at about 20,000 PPM. So taking 400PPM as the current atmospheric level we could have up to 50 times as much before it became noticeable.

It is indisputable that man’s activities have increased the amount of carbon in the planetary ecosystem and that the main effect has been the greening of the planet as living conditions improve for plants. The fundamentalist ecofascists don’t like this good news. So they say that the increased greenery has poor nutritional quality. But they have no scientific evidence to support this, which is just proof of their cognitive dissonance. In fact the agricultural industry all over the world has for many decades been using artificially elevated carbon dioxide levels to grow crops. And nobody has complained about the nutritional quality of all the food thus produced.

More dogma from the pseudoscientists is that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas so using carbon fuels will fry us all. This ignores many things. Firstly that all the trapped carbon in the ground was once in the carbon cycle. Secondly that when we release additional carbon dioxide most of it is either dissolved in the sea or absorbed by the growth of extra vegetation. Thirdly temperatures on earth were warmer during both the medieval warm period and the Roman warm period. Both of which happened before we exploited fossil fuels on any appreciable scale.

So why are the BBC telling you so many lies? Why did they sack all the real scientists (such as David Bellamy) who disagreed with their ecofascist pseudoscience? The answer is that MMGW is made up as a pretext, used to achieve purely political objectives. Their aim is to increase government control over us, to reduce democracy, to cede power to global organisations such as the UN and thus to bring about a New World Order. It is all a Cultural Marxist campaign against the people


  1. Wow this what I have thought for a very long time and makes a lot of sense.


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