What Boris Must Do Next

We have got rid of Theresa May and are still celebrating. Her government was nannying, authoritarian, statist, dishonest and incompetent. A huge smear of excrement across the political life of this country.

Now we have Boris and we don’t have the faintest idea what he actually stands for. Is he Thatcherite, Churchillian or just another useless wet Red Tory like Major, Cameron and May?

So far the signs are good. But Theresa May has taught us not to believe anything that a Conservative politician says. Only actions count.

Boris has done the following:

  • Appointed an inspired revolutionary cabinet filled largely with actual Conservatives. Especially Priti Patel, Sajid Javid, Dominic Raab and Jacob Rees Mogg in key positions. Although Amber Rudd is still there as the token Bilderberger Red Tory. This is the best cabinet of my lifetime, because remember that Margaret Thatcher was never able to get rid of the Wets.
  • Brought Dominic Cummings in as senior political adviser. This has instantly largely de-politicised the Civil Service. They are now doing what their political masters tell them to do instead of trying to force Common Purpose mantra on the country. This is an immense change. Fortunately we know exactly what Dominic thinks because he has written it all down HERE.
  • Got on the wrong side of the BBC, Sky News, C4 News and the Guardian. They all hate him, which really is the highest praise and endorsement that a politician can ever receive. These media are all Cultural Marxists, the enemies of the British people. Anything they like is bad, anything they dislike is good.
  • Written 11 books. People should try reading these with their brains engaged so as to see the inner Boris. The Dream of Rome, for instance, purports to be a history. But what Boris actually does is to present an intellectual argument that a politically united Europe will never exist because nationalism is such an immense and irrepressible force. Basically Boris is saying that Angela Merkel’s Fourth Reich is doomed.
  • Got into big arguments with Tusk, the Antichrist of the NWO globalists whist receiving vast praise from Donald Trump, the swamp draining, populist leader of the free world. So Boris is in with the good guys and has gone to war against the bad guys. But the truth is that he has to. If he tries to fob us off with BRINO it will be the end of Boris and the end of the Conservative Party.

Boris is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma but the signs are that he might be the real thing. If he is he must do the following:

  • Stop punishing hard work, success and enterprise. The rich in the UK are now taxed higher than ever before. As a result more than a million high earners have left the country to create wealth and pay taxes elsewhere. This is an immense loss to our economy. Boris must entice them back and encourage future entrepreneurship by making the tax burden a lot less unfair. It must be worth succeeding in the UK.
  • Stop giving money that we have earned to the Common Purpose secret society. They have brainwashed tens of thousand of senior public sector managers into Cultural Marxism which is destroying the very fabric of British society. They are a clear and present danger that must be dealt with.
  • Stop promoting deviant sexuality to children at school and in the media. Homosexuals when left alone are about 1% of society. When deviancy becomes fashionable in society this increases to about 3%, which is where we are now. But the Cultural Marxists at the BBC and Common Purpose want to increase this massively. They see it as a mechanic to break up the family unit and to destroy family values. They are using our education system to achieve this.
  • Restore our rights to free speech and to use hurty words. Repeal all the thought crime legislation and release its victims from jail. Get rid of our pernicious and oppressive libel laws. Create new British law that enforces First Amendment rights here. Our Magna Carta rights have been stolen from us in salami slices. We want them back.
  • Integrate immigrant communities into the British way of life and British values. So ban face covering in public, religious schools, halal slaughter, first cousin marriage and Shariah law.
  • Kick all immigrants and foreigners out of the country who are not contributing to British society. Too many people come here to be parasites on our hard work. We don’t want them.
  • Get rid of in work benefits. Intellectually these are incredibly bad because they enslave people to the state, which is why Gordon Brown introduced them. Instead use the tax and NI thresholds and the minimum wage to make work pay.
  • Get rid of family, dependent and fiance visas. They are a trap. They mean that just one illiterate Asian farmer can come here to live on benefits and pretty soon the virtue gesturing, SJW NGOs will ensure that thousands arrive. To live off our bountiful generosity.
  • Get rid of all environmental and carbon taxes and non tax barriers. They are a scam by a global oligarchy to imprison us. And they are based on a pack of pseudoscience lies. A diesel car is still far more efficient and environmentally friendly than an electric car. Anyone who says otherwise is either brainwashed or a liar.
  • De-politicise the police, the NHS, education, public sector broadcasting, charities, the Church, the military, the civil service, QUANGOs, local government and the legal system. All these are now run and controlled by Common Purpose graduates who are managing beyond authority to create a post democratic dystopia. Orwell’s 1984 is their instruction manual.
  • Break up and sell off the fake news, Common Purpose BBC (and C4). Currently they control more than 50% of the total UK news reach. They abuse this power to promote their own Cultural Marxist political dogma. No news provider or family should be allowed to control more than 20% of total news reach. So all of the BBC must be sold off piecemeal to the private sector. The state should keep just BBC R4 and BBC 4 TV for public interest broadcasting. But they must be self funding, with no taxpayer support.
  • Cancel HS2. This is a bottomless pit vanity project that will only cause real harm whilst bringing no benefits whatsoever except for lining the pockets of those on the gravy train. Currently we are in the process of flushing at least £100bn of money that people have worked for down the toilet. It is a national disaster.
  • Privatise our Rail System and stop giving it subsidies. Currently it is incredibly badly run and controlled, largely by the state. It costs taxpayers billions and provides an execrable service. The whole lot needs to be sold off as one big enterprise, whereupon all public funding and most public (Office of Rail and Road) control must cease.
  • Immediately stop all foreign aid (£14 billion a year), it does far more harm than good. It has been irrefutable proven countless times, all around the world, that the only way to lift people out of poverty is capitalism, free markets and trade. Democracy also helps. Aid merely transfers money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.
  • Ensure that everyone in Britain has equal opportunity in life. This is essential for everyone’s best interest and is the only moral thing to do. At the same time it is essential to get rid of all equality of outcome, because it is pure evil.
  • Ban identity politics from British public life. People are just people. That is the beginning and the end of it.
  • Remove all constraints on the labour market. These harm workers far more than they harm bosses. We live in a world of job mobility, multiple jobs, self employment and a vibrant economy yet much of our labour law is based on left wing, repressive, activist extremism. So get rid of job protection, the working time directive, maternity leave for men, bank holidays, constraints on Sunday working etc etc.. Let the market work its magic and we will all be better off.
  • Review the purpose, funding, equipping and tasking of our military. They put their lives on the line to protect our way of life from many real evils. And they deserve our uttermost respect. Witch hunts of ex-servicemen must be stopped. The military must no longer serve as a mechanic for funding BAE Systems. We need a massive uplift in our Close Air Support, coastal protection and long range strike capabilities.
  • Reduce the size of the public sector. Currently this is around 40% of GDP. Everything that government does it does badly. So the less government the better. We only need the state to do that which we can’t do for ourselves. So it should be nearer to 20% of GDP than 30%.

That little lot will keep Boris busy for a few weeks! It will also make the UK a far better place to live, improving everyone’s quality of life in a more equal and more successful society.


  1. Homosexuals are deviants? Explain your homophobia


    1. It is a fact. Buy a dictionary.

      Here you go:

      departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behaviour.
      “deviant behaviour” · [more]
      aberrant · deviating · divergent · abnormal · atypical · untypical · non-typical


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